Fun Spot Orlando reveals details on new GCI roller coaster

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Fun Spot Orlando has sent us details on their new GCI roller coaster, opening in February, 2013. Called White Lightning, the ride will feature 2,000 feet of track and be 75 feet tall. It will feature 18 moments of airtime and include a 90-degree banked "aerial dive." Marketing director Mark Brisson said this in an e-mail:

"This stills fits in with the Master Plan approved in March by the City Of Orlando. This coaster will be part of Rebranding to Fun Spot America, with a Vekoma steel suspension coaster and a 250 foot SkyCoaster, plus other family themed rides. The Grand Reopening will take place in February or (if delayed) March of 2013."

Fun Spot Orlando roller coaster

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Looks pretty sweet.

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White lightning....where have we heard that name before! ;)

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GCI's first crack at the steel support structure? Layout looks like a nice change of pace from just about anything they've done to date.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Thing is hideous looks like something straight out of RCT , I also don't fancy Wooden coasters with steel supports :O( I also only see 5 spots that main have some airtime not 18 lmao.

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yea lulz. it suxors.

Finally some good wood in Orlando! This one looks like a pretty decent coaster, and I'm surprised no one pointed out what looks like a double up and double down on the same hill. And this is not going to help my budget.

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2000 ft is a little short for a coaster of that height, but that will just mean that it should pack a punch. Looks like fun!

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Excited that this is literally 5 minutes from my apartment. It will be nice to walk in and get a few rides whenever I have some free time.


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Mmmm....If the double up/double down is half as good as Phoenix's, this should be a winner! What's the status of DBH? This may challenge for the best wood in Fl.

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