Fun Spot opening up mouse from former Cypress Gardens

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Kissimmee family entertainment park Fun Spot USA will unveil a new $1.3 million attraction this winter and add up to 14 new jobs. The Galaxy Spin will open this Christmas, said company executives. It was purchased from the former Cypress Gardens, which is being transformed into Legoland Florida.

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This is the Fun Spot location visible from the mahoosive parking garage at Universal (well, the Ferris Wheel is). They don't exactly have a ton of spare land from what I could tell - I only went by for pics while on my way to Sweet Tomatoes (aka, "the greatest salad-bar restaurant known to man").

The weird thing to me is that I had this particular mouse tagged for a couple of parks needing a spinning mouse....never thought the I-Drive Fun Spot would get into the coaster game.

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I read the title of the thread and got excited for a minute thinking that the park in Indiana was reopening. :)

I't hard to imagine they have enought space for this ride. Do they own any undeveloped land?

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Click the "open map" link on the park page and switch to bird's eye view.

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Cool, I didn't realize you had the maps integrated into the site. I assumed those were jump links to an off site map. Anyway, the birds I view shows quite a bit of construction. I assume it's an older photo. With the road that runs around the east and south side of the park, I assume they are a bit land locked. Do they own any of that undeveloped land on the other side of the road east or south of the park?

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Ohhhh, LOL. I had the wrong Fun Spot too, Jason. This is the one next door to Old Town Kissimmee. They've got a Surfrider like the new one at Luna Park at Coney Island, a suspended-Whip looking thing, and the uber-cool Double Ferris Wheel. This "FEC-style park" just jumped up out of nowhere once the S&S Dragster ride left...

Too many places named Fun Spot - not enough of them are really all that fun... ;)

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Innnnnneresting. I guess my next question is....what rides will Legoland keep then? This may have been discussed before (pardons), but were Starliner and Triple Hurricane sold?

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I believe they are keeping the Hurricane but not Starliner.

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I've never been to a Legoland, so I don't really know the feel of their parks, but to me it seems like a mouse would fit right into a lego park especially with some minor theme.

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I was thinking the same thing, JoelWhy. You'd think that a park like Legoland would want a crazy mouse.

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Especially since Legoland California has a Mouse, right?

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I read a few months ago they are adding the mouse (Jungle Coaster) from Legoland Windsor to Legoland Florida so they probably figured they didn't need 2 mouse coasters. It probably would have been easier to keep Galaxy Spin on site and sell the Jungle Coaster to another park.

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I thought the Mouse had been sold before Legoland bought the place.

Anyway, I was most impressed with Fun Spot...both locations. I figured out that there was something different about this operation when I noticed that both parks have Paratroopers, Orlando has a Spider, and a Scrambler, and Kissimmee has a Cobra, a Sky Wheel, and a Flying Bobs.

He's got two Screamin' Swings in kit form; I wonder if/when those will be put back together.

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