Fun Spot Not Opening in 2009

I'm surprised the park lasted as long as it did, going by what I heard of the place and how it was never crowded. Sad news, and hopefully the closure is not permanent.

Both times I visited were on thursdays and both times it had quite a few customers. The first time there was a Amish or Quaker picnic going on. Less companies. Less employees. The Economy might be a legitimate cause.

Not to stray, but I mentioned Stricker's Grove in my post> I wonder how things are going there as well as any other picnic parks in the country.

I went for a company picnic and for two of the family days. They were busy for the picnic. It was forcasted to storm on the July 4th so it wasnt that busy. The last family day was ok, not to many people but it wasnt dead.

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