Fun Spot America, others interested in Indiana Beach after closure announcement

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Indiana Beach is up for sale, and the city and county that are home to the much-beloved amusement park are hoping to find a new buyer. Fun Spot America and others are reportedly interested in the property.

Read more from The Journal and Courier.

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Looks like Fun Spot is not going to be purchasing the park:

I have to wonder if this may be a situation similar to what Cedar Fair found itself in when Geauga Lake was purchased - a ton of deferred maintenance to the park - which posed challenged to operate the park.

Interesting... Care to elaborate on a little Geauga Lake history?

But then again, what do I know?

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GL's challenge wasn't maintenance... it was paying for the operating cost of two parks on one gate price when Six Flags combined the two.

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From what I remember about the 2004 season, some of the rides weren't up to Cedar Fair maintenance standards and didn't open with the park in May. I think it was Wolf Bobs and Superman/Steel Venom. Mr. Hyde's didn't reopen until the 2005 season, and then Cedar Fair scrapped it after operating it for one season.

I think Cedar Fair had some catch up work to do as far as regular/preventative maintenance on the GL rides, but had folks shown up to the park it wasn't anything outrageous.

I remember Superman/SV had a pretty serious breakdown. I don’t think it ever re-opened at Geauga Lake. And wasn’t Raging Wolf Kabobs (Sorry Jeff but I stole that fair and square) having issues where the train would derail and the track separated?

But then again, what do I know?

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