Fun Spot America Fails COVID Inspection

Screamscape reports that Fun Spot America failed a COVID-19 task force inspection. Screamsacape reports, "According to a local news report in Orlando, an inspection team in the area hit up five Central Florida attractions to determine which were in compliance with the current COVID-19 safety rules. According to the report, the only park that was deemed to be “not in compliance” by the task force was Fun Spot America because too many people were spotted inside and not wearing masks as required"

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I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

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You could just go to the actual report.

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The owner of the park posted a lengthy anti-mask rant on Facebook just days before they re-opened, so this should be expected.

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That's not surprising. They're Trumpies. They did this awkward thing at a media event where they did an opening prayer mostly to bless the first lady. It was really random.

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Yeah, I'm under the impression that there are two groups of people in America that just... don't belong together, as if they were living in parallel worlds. You've got the "God and guns" hardcore conservatives on one side, the pink-haired genderfluid college students experimenting with what makes people and society on the other, and the worst part is that they're (mostly) not bad people, they do want what's good for themselves and everyone, but it's as if they saw different thinks when looking at the same scene, understood different things when hearing the same sentence, and will have radically different reactions to the very same situation. I really hope that both groups will, one day, manage to find a common ground and start talking to each other again, so that the majority of the population can live normally again.

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I don't disagree, but I also don't think there's a moral equivalence between the two.

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Moral equivalence is all Trumpies have at this point. It's like they kind of accept he's a horrible person, racist and autocrat, but now "they're all bad" so you might as well pick your team.

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"God and guns" hardcore conservatives is a misnomer. I consider myself a Christian and I'm pretty sure it's no secret here that I believe in gun rights, individual freedoms and a small centralized government, but what I fail to understand is how anyone who considers themselves conservative can unabashedly support Trump in everything he does (and it really seems with these folks that he do no wrong, ever). Even if you can ignore his narcissistic personality (I can't), the man is not conservative.

The extreme right and conservatism get falsely attributed to one another far too often, but never more than they have these last 4 years. I watched as supposed conservative radio and TV personalities who were pulling for a handful of other candidates during the primaries and talked **** about Trump all about-face and not only throw 100% of their support behind him when he was the nominee, but have continued to do so (going against their principles) during his entire first term.

Yeah, those stereotypical "Trumpers" who proudly wear their MAGA hats, cheer and chest-thump when he "tells it like it is", and wave Confederate flags? No, they're not conservatives, they're assholes...who give conservatism a bad name.

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Yeah, the two sides Tanker is talking about represent the fringe of each end of things, yet both sides are all to eager to paint them as respresentative of the side they disagree with.

It's all stupid.

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The GOP has been totally hijacked. Never thought I'd long for the days of W., but at least then we could debate policy and not the moral misbehavior of the party leader.

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I'd suggest that the relatively new phenomenon (last 20 years or so, probably less) is the growing attitude of both sides that the other side needs to be eradicated and has no right to exist. Whatever happened to defending the other guy's right to be wrong? Why is it that opponents now must be mortal enemies?

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A friend of mine put a yard sign out for the candidate they support and a complete stranger pulled off the side of the road and screamed at her for it while she was doing yard work. How did we reach a point that it's appropriate to scream at strangers just because you know their political leaning doesn't match yours? I assume everyone who doesn't agree with me has their reasons for supporting the other side. I may not agree with them but that doesn't make them horrible people and I'm certainly not going to go around looking for strangers to scream at.

RideMan said:

Whatever happened to defending the other guy's right to be wrong?

For me, it is because the implications (via harm done to others) of being wrong are very asymmetric. They are not equivalently "wrong".

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And that's the thing that Trumpies are leaning on hard right now. The moral equivalence argument is the worst kind of crutch, and amounts to grade school kids arguing "he did it first!" There is no moral equivalence between racism and guaranteeing access to health care. You can be wrong about the health care policy, but you can't be right about racism. I'm not going to "agree to disagree" if you think racism is OK. I wish white people would stop pretending that this is OK.

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It's been really disturbing, especially in the last year, seeing people that I thought were fairly grounded tumble down a Q cult, or anti mask, pandemic hoax rabbit hole. Really feels like, as someone above mentioned, that they are experiencing an alternate reality. There's a doc on Netflix called The Social Dilemma that explains how this happens. People choose a path on social media, then AI basically keeps them in their own echo chamber pushing them to click and to have more screen time. Fb will suggest groups, people and pages, youtube will suggest similar videos, etc.

To everyone in FL, WTF (Wear The FaceMask). PLEASE!!!

Based on what we are seeing everyone...PERIOD...WTF.

Well, who's to say Question mark, new paragraph... what the hell am I saying?

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