Fun Spot Action Park getting 2 new coasters...

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This is the park near Universal, NOT the one down in Kissimmee that got the spinner from Cypress Gardens.

NPN has a short article that contains an L-shaped out-and-back woodie, unusual to some degree since RCDB has it listed as a GCI product. No word at all on the manufacturer or type of the steel coaster.

Barring Flying Turns opening in 2012, this would be the first wooden coaster to open in the US in almost 2 years...and given the layout/design team, I'm hoping for something along the lines of Prowler. Hey, I can hope! :)

Er, Gator...

Are Bay Beach and Quassy suddenly not in the US?

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^They opened in 2011, and there's nothing on our radar in 2012 in the US. This woodie is slated to open in March 2013.

edit: Barring Flying Turns opening... ;)


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The rumor mill says the woodie is going to be one of GCI's new "Big Fun" models.


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Yay! Florida needs good wood. Lately, Gwazi has left me wanting.

^^Been on Gwazi since they re-tracked it and put in the GCI Trains?


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I know at least a dozen different people/groups that have been on Gwazi since they made it "the smoothest wooden coaster experience possible." I have not heard from ANY of them that the ride lives up to that lofty billing...

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The statement would perhaps be more accurate by saying:

the smoothest wooden coaster experience possible... based on how much money we're willing to spend.

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I rode Gwazi 5 days ago. I thought it was meh, with a side of ouch!

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I liked Gwazi when it was amazing with a side of ouch (better than Dania Hurricane even). Now it seems to be just plain boring much like Hershey Wildcat. :(

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Yeah I agree, I rode Gwazi with the new trains and while it rides much better it didn't do much for me.


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