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So I wake up and I look at the clock and it's 6:30 and I slowly get out of bed saying the same thing I always say to get out of bed.
The tradition swearing from the movie Jay and Silent Bob.

Soon my ride is here and I get in the back and pass out with my head against the window. I remember I dreamed of something but I don't remember exactly what, but it resembled SUF. 2 hours pass and I awake to a green binder stabbing me in the neck, and my face hitting the back of the seat as my friend's mother makes a sudden stop. We were close enough that I didn't have to go back to sleep. I arrived at my friend's relatives house and shook hands with people and forgot their names 20 seconds later. We had time to spare so we played with some custom Cool-Aid play-doe. I made a Lancer that looked out of 2Fast2Furious. Finally the time came and we blew that pop-stand to the park.

I have gone to a many parks, and everytime we seem assure of ourselves that we can make it there without mapquest. But turn your back on mapquest and it will turn on you. So after a wrong exit, circle turns, U-turns, Police Shootouts, we finally make it to the park after a bum from the gas station pointed to way.

At first look the park seems to take up the area of maybe Mean Streak and Gemini combined. And as you enter the park, you realize it's probably even less. The parking lot was dirt and grass with maybe 30 cars there, but hey it's free so I'm not complaining. At the entrance we met a fellow ACE member who really seemed to enjoy his job and filled us in on some of the coasters background. Inside the park is few trees or plants, and paths that seem to zig-zag for no apparent reason, so a lot of times you find yourself walking across the grass.

This is a funny one. The cars remind me of a Volkswagen Thing. But in we went and pulled down the horse collars? Well I guess originally this coaster was meant to have a loop, too bad it never fell through. Well around you go and you hit a wicked pissah lift hill. It's fast and your up at the top in no more than 8 seconds. The biggest hill wasn't that high, but it still has some nice G forces. The rest of the ride was a helices which where fairly gentle, enough to consider this a family coaster. Some final S turns, which for some reason is trimmed, and your done. The ride is very smooth with no head-banging, but lack of thrill gives this a 4/10

We went to check this coaster out and it just opened as we did. First riders of the day in the front row of the first ride. We were lucky enough to see it test and watch the motors work the launch. It finally opened and we were on. Once again, after TTD, any launch feels like your pulling out the station, so I really got nothing out of it. But in the front you hit the first hill faster than anything I've ever ridden. The result- extreme airtime, a big surprise for a horse collar. The loop is intense and finally you ascend with more airtime as it levels out. Brakes. The operator comes over and tells us to lift up on our restraints. So I'm like WTF we get out right here?!!! But I guess they just want to check the restraints after each launch. The operator leaves and were launched back-wards. Now here comes the cool part. Facing forward, you have no idea when your going to drop backwards. And after the launch your going so fast, the drop comes REALLY VERY SUDDENLY. Result- BaCkWaRdZ EjEcToR AiRtImE!!! It's truly insane and probably the best feeling I've ever experience on an Arrow. I actually felt my stomach knot and that doesn't happen that often anymore. The loop backwards is even more intense and you get a little distorted. Back into the station, and it's pick your row because no one is in this park. We went back row and it's slightly different. More airtime off the first hill as you get the full effect of the launch, but the loop is insane. BlACkOuT!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I don't feel right. The first drop launching backwards in the back isn't as good, but leveling out in the station gives more Reverse Airtime. Overall-7/10

Safari Kiddie Coaster
The first time we tried to get on this coaster, we were turned down because well, it's a kiddie coaster and were 17. Ahhh haaaaaaaa!!! I had an ACE up my sleeve, no pun intended. Then was this fat little girl dressed and pink and I thought, here's my chance, time to work my magic.

"Hey have you been on that Safari coaster over there?"
"Yeah like a thousands time"
"Is it any good?"
"No it's really boring"
"Ohhh well I'm afraid to go on it, so will you come on with me."

Before I got an answer, I turned to see where my friend was, and to my shock he was getting on the ride with no other little kid.

"Hey mister, I'll go on with you."
"No time for you small child"

And I pushed her in the face for an extra boost as I jumped the steps and grabbed a seat in the back. I gave props to my friend for a snag, and the operator gave us a little push and we were off. Ching ching ching..ching ching...up the lift. Time for a nice smooth turn around, in the hot sun and I thought, I'll go to sleep, and then the Safari coaster was like "Die, Die,DIE!!!!" and my body was thrown forward into the front of the car. This is no place for the happy and the final turn came as the back car was cracking in half. 2/10

Other attractions

Mirror Maze-hah, it's fun when you walk through it with your hands behind you back and your face out in front of you. It should of been harder.
Swinging Ship-It didn't go that high and no one on the ride seemed to care.
Mini Golf-HAHA they charge you $2.50 to play, but there all idiots there as they leave the putters and ball in reach. But the course is terrible and the greens are dirty. The obstacle themselves look like they got picked up at a pawn shop
Bumper Cars- One way? No head on collisions? O you mean no having fun or bumping the cars.
Flying Scooters-these were shut down the whole day due to high winds. Son of a , Fun Spot played that well, because they know that if I got on those things, I'd work that chain so hard it would break off the scooter and I would just fly away in the wind.

Fun Spot Overall- The park is clean, but needs some work on the scenery. The staff is few, but half are friendly and the others are just A-holes. They need more things to do there, but for $14, it's not too bad. 5/10

Maybe the reason the mini-golf course is in such bad shape is that they can't afford to repair it, seeing as how some people don't pay to play it...

A day is a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. A week is seven drops.

Man, you forgot to go to the Zoo! That really puts the "Fun" in Fun Spot!

Without the chaindog, you'd never get up the lifthill...

The best things the park has going for it, is their nice billboards in Mishiwaka. That is about it...

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