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We arrived at Fun Spot around 10:30 AM. There were already quite a few cars the parking lot (free.) Which is great news for this vastly improved small family owned park. The sign outside the gate stated the Afterburner would not open until noon, but there was plenty to do before then. We opted to try out the parks "new" Balloon Race (which was purchased from an auction at Bear Creek Farms in Bryant IN last year.) The Balloon Race still needs some cosmetic touches done to it, but it ran fast and smooth. Next up were the Flying Scooters, where despite my efforts to "be good" I got a few snaps and a warning from the ride op that my tub was "out of control." We headed over for a ride on the Zyclon, where we ran into Matthew (MF'N'SOB) who was hard at work. The ride was fun as always. Not to rough, not to smooth. We trekked through the zoo, to check on Raleigh and Sampson (the Bengal Tigers.) As it was extremely hot, they were doing the same thing my house cat does, just laying around. Also, spotted the baby porcupines, the baby raccoon (which is a rescued animal), the baby elk and Bill (a six week old deer.) More on the zoo later. Scott took a spin on the Paratrooper, while I hit the "Fun Spot Fun Shop." We had a brief chat with Fun Spot owner Sheri Trine (concerning ACERs riding the "new" kiddie coaster, more later.) It was nearing feeding time at the zoo and we wanted to witness "lunch" tiger style. Although, Sampson & Raleigh look to be adult tigers, they are still "growing boys." Together they consume 7 - 10 lbs of chicken twice a day. It was fun watching Raleigh "steal" the piece of chicken that Sampson had selected and then ran a round until he had finished eating it. Raleigh is also a water lover and can often be seen sitting, standing or laying down in one of the water troughs. We also got to meet Bill up close and personal. Bill is a baby deer whose mother was hit and killed by a car. As Fun Spot is registered a licensed animal rescue service, Bill was brought to the park by a conservation officer. In the beginning, the tiny little thing spent much of his time at the Trine's home, where Momma Sheri would love him and feed him each mooring at 1AM & 5AM. Bill would often sleep at the end of the Trine's bed. He has grown stronger and loves to interact with people, so stop by and see him. Next up was the Afterburner (along with the cardio-workout to the top.) Every year those 5 flights of steps get more difficult to climb. But, as always, once you reach the summit and experience a ride on this Granddaddy of the Arrow shuttle looper, you know it was well worth the trip. And thankfully, re-rides are had without making the trek to the bottom and back up. We rode the Afterburner, front, back and middle (a total of seven times) before we had had enough (for this visit.) We stopped by the Safari Kiddie Coaster, the parks other “new” ride (it was purchased at an auction at Adventureland in Warsaw IN.) Formally the Little Dipper, the entire layout and lift mechanism has been gone over and the train repainted. We were granted permission to ride on this day and any ACEr may ride on future visits. All you need to do is present your ACE card to the operator. You will be granted one ride. Please note, there is a limit of one adult per train (remember this ride is over 50 years old) so you may have to wait a train or two. We were starving by this time and opted for cheeseburgers, fries and the largest diet cokes the park sold. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. We also ran into Matthew again, he was on his break, so we had a chance to chat with him. After lunch, we rode the Ferris Wheel, which provides a great view of the park and took a final walk around the zoo and the park, before heading out. This Friday July 5th, Fun Spot will be open until 9 PM, so take the rare opportunity to nab a dark ride on the Afterburner. At 9PM there will be a special fireworks display. After 5PM the POP wristbands are $5.00 Fun Spot is open Thursday thru Sunday through Aug 18th and Sat & Sun Aug 24,25, 31 & Sept 1. There hours are 10 AM to 5:30 PM. An all day ride pass is $13.00 (remember ACErs can receive a “Buy One, Get One Free Discount” by showing a valid ACE membership card and a photo ID at the front gate. Take Care,Carol
Sounds like a good day! Glad to see that they finally allow adults on the kiddle coaster. I got on, but had to use the "borrow a kid" method. Very nice of them to honor ACErs. I also found it interesting that they have billboards in Decatur.......for southbound traffic! Thanks for the report.
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Good TR. I discovered this park by accident when I went to a wedding reception at Lake James, right across from the park. Then my wife informed me that she went to church camp every year at Lake James - and she never mentioned Fun Spot to me!?? :)

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Nice TR. I truly regret the park was not open when I drove past during the CPlaya 100. It would have been a welcome break from driving.


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Thanks for the TR Carol....always entertaining. When (WHEN) we get back to IB, etc., this place will get a visit. Also, thanks for working so closely with the parks (the ACE members kiidie coaster rides, the discounts, etc.). I know there's a lot of work in setting up this kind of stuff, and we appreciate it. Glad you had a great day. Also really cool about the animal rescue gig. Being me, I have to hassle you a bit about paragraphs.....but it sounds like the park is a lot of fun. Also good to hear we don't have to make the LOOOONG trek downstairs, my "flatlander" legs almost gave out at IB......hope to see you guys soon, (perhaps PPPPPP)...

Oh, and Arrow Guy, the "borrow a kid" thing, I've termed that a "temporary custodianship". Thanks goodness for the nice lady and kid at SFGAm, or we'd never have gotten to meet up with Mr. Spacely and George Jetson....:)

A group of us made the 3 hour drive to Fun Spot last week and they wouldn't let us on the coaster, no matter what. We told them we were enthusiasts, and they said no, we had to be with a kid. So we found a nice family with a bunch of kids that they let us "borrow", and they still wouldn't let us on, even though nobody was in line for the ride. Afterburner was down when we were there also, because it couldn't launch far enough to clear the straightaway out of the station. I think the coaster Gods were against us that day.

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SOunds like you had fun! Nice TR.

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rollergator said:

Being me, I have to hassle you a bit about paragraphs.....but it sounds like the park is a lot of fun.

I swear, when I posted the TR, it was not all one long paragraph. In fact, it was divided into 14 or so different paragraphs. Sorry, if it was hard to read.

The park is a lot of fun!


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