Fun Plex in Omaha,Ne building Pinfari Zyklon

I can remember back in the 70s when even a park as big as KI had a Zyklon. They ran it with 2 car trains to increase capacity.

Next year will be an important year for coasters in western PA. The big event will be that long awaited RF2 at Waldameer. Meanwhile, DelGrossos will open the only looping coaster in this part of the state, that transplant from Libertyland.

As for Vermonters, they probably get their coaster fixes by going out of state to TGE, CL, SFNE or out of the country altogether to LR.

Omaha is certainly big enough to support a small park. It is welcome for such a park to add a significant coaster there. Now how about some wood to compliment it.

Arthur Bahl

Opening Day has been pushed back to May 26th. I wish I remembered who emailed me back when I emailed them to compliment them for building something new and for this park big. Anyways she informed me that depending on how things go after building this coaster there may be plans for something even bigger.
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An Avalanche type woodie would be perfect for Ohmeehah. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Yes it would.

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