Fun Coaster-relatedtop ten list.

Well, I was urfing the web this morning and found this top ten list, couristy of Feel free to any any other ideas.

10. For an extra buck, you can actually take home a piece of the ride.

9. It's made of lego.

8. Your friend has spent the last 20 minutes convincing you that "Under Construction" is really just the name of the coaster.

7. Your guardian angel is having a nervous breakdown.

6. At the ticket stand you see "Free eulogy with every purchase."

5. The attendant ties a locator beacon around your neck after he latches you in.

4. The warnings include the instructions "Do not stand," "Keep arms inside vehicle" and "Do not breathe while vehicle is submerged."

3. There is an insurance booth at the entrance, and an ambulance parked at the exit.

2. "All riders must know how to operate a parachute before boarding."

1. There's a sign proimising that if you lose a finger, the ride is free.

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I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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