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Wednesday, September 20, 2000 2:10 PM
Hi All,
This is a little out of date but here goes.
April 15, 2000 (Pre-season). Me, my family, and my friend JP all got pre season tickets through my mom's work (a nearby hospital). with preseason comes restrictions, whizzer partialy dimantled, shortened hours, ect... But it was great. in the morning until about 9am it was raining. this scared off about 5000 of the people signed up to go(15000 tickets sold - normal day = 23000 people). The lines where short! me and JP walked on all rides except batman, 10 Min. for that. at about 4pm the temp dropped to about 45 degrees me and JP(in shorts and a t-shirt) continue to go nuts over the short lines as the park almost empties itself. The 10 times in a row on shockwave(they ran it though the station because no one was on the platform) made us a little quizy and cold, but that was at 50 degrees or so. we found out that at the top of raging bull (front row) you can see the park sign that displays the time and temp. Me and JP saw 6:04 PM and 38 degrees, with a 20 mph wind, plus the 73 mph drop led to instant fezzing. it was so cold that our arms where stuck up in the air. That was the later ride of the day. all-in-all we made it on 19 coasters and 3 rides. since then i have been back to the park 8 times this year. I still want to go to fright fest at least once, maybe twice. but this has been a good coaster year with somewhere around 90 different coaster rides. I already have preorder on the pre-season tickets for next april.
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 8:33 PM
Kind of reminded me of when I went to Fright Fest last year and the temperature was in the lower 40s, cloudy, and windy. We froze our butts off on the Bull also.


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