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I have now lived in Oklahoma City for just shy of 5 years and I have only been to Frontier City once in all of that time. Since I am moving out to California on Friday I decided to stop by and give a trip report on this park to you all and get my Steel Lasso credit before leaving.

After going to work and meeting with the house appraiser I headed out to Frontier City and arrived about 4 pm. They charged $8 for parking and $21.66 to get into the park. That was cheaper than my military discount....I have no idea where that price came from because it wasn't posted anywhere. I'll take it!

First stop...Steel Lasso. This ride was put in back in 2008 and I was finally making the 15 minute trip from my house to ride it. I knew it was Vekoma, so I didn't set the bar high for this ride. First thing I notice as I hop in, this is not my father's Vekoma roller coaster. Nice comfortable bucket seats with an awesome OTSR that is more like a lap bar/pad. There will be no head banging on this ride! Off we go up a quick tire driven lift. I sat in the front row on this first ride and right off the bat as we twist and dive to the right, I find myself really enjoying this tiny coaster! It has some good speed, was ultra smooth, and some fun turns. This is an excellent family coaster and a nice fit for Frontier City. Seriously these were the best designed restraints I have seen on any inverted coaster! Finally! I hope to see bigger models with this same system. I also took a lap in the back and it was a slight bumpier but still a great ride.

Now onto Silver Bullet. This is a single loop Schwarzkopf. I took the front seat again for my first ride. I love these old rides. Great first drop and the signature Schwarzkopf loop. Then into some nice twists and turns and finish it all off with a nice tunnel. I did another trip in the back and noticed some nice pops of airtime that I didn't remember in the front.

Time for some wood and the next coaster as I walk to the back of the park is Wildcat. All three of these coasters, in fact all of the coasters at Frontier City, are single train ops. You might think this is aweful but as I headed to my third coaster I had only been in the park for 15 minutes so far. Oklahoma has had over 100 degree temps for like the past 3 weeks so there couldn't have been more than a few hundred people in the park. Hopefully everyone else was at White Water Bay keeping the OKC amusement/water parks in business. Back to Wildcat. Time to switch it up a bit so I took the back seat first. Love the smell of these old coasters and the grease. Always brings back memories of going to parks with my family when I was a kid. This is a fun woodie that dives in and out of some nice trees. This area of the park is actually heavily wooded, especially for Oklahoma, and it gives the ride that extra sense of speed since the trees are almost overgrowing the coaster. Some nice pops of airtime just beware of the brake before the station! Got another couple rides and I found the front to be smoother and offer better airtime.

Guess what is sitting right next to Wildcat? An S&S Sky Sling/Thrill Shot! Guess what else? It was running and it isn't an upcharge at Frontier City! Does anyone else know where one of these is even still standing let alone operating? Unfortunately this is not the original version with the slick saddle seats. This has the full lap bar/OTSR. It still gives a great double launch, but the seats don't rotate. It was fun to ride again and remind me of the crazy ride I had on the original at SFMM.

Time to hike back to the front of the park to ride another classic hard to find coaster. An arrow shuttle loop! This is called Diamondback. This is a fun rollercoaster with a nice little launch and loop and then do it all over again backwards. For an old arrow it is pretty good with some nice g forces.

Frontier City also has a kiddie coaster, but since I had my ride a few years back with my kids I decided to op out on riding it. I headed over to the log flume to cool off because it was scorching hot! Now you will really see how empty the park is since I only had to wait 5 logs to get on a log flume with temps over 100! This flume starts off with a long tunnel. It has some cool theming and reminded me of being in an old mine shaft. To exit the tunnel you go up a small lift and drop, then weave around outside for a bit then head up the big lift right next to the Nightmare Mine building (old coaster that has never operated while I was here) and take your big plunge. Nice little spray to cool off at the end.

I hit Renegade Rapids next because I didn't ride it the last time I was there. This is a good rapids ride that actually has some good rapids that will get you wet.

I took a few more laps on the coasters and by 6 pm I was ready to go because it was just too HOT! I did grab a quick ride on Quick Draw before I left. This is Frontier City's shoot em dark ride. It is fun and then only thing that could be better would be if it was longer.

If you are ever near OKC and want some interesting coaster credits then stop by Frontier City for a couple of hours. It is a nice little park with some fun rides. It will be interesting to see what happens with this park because it seems that it doesn't have a ton of room to grow because it is kind of pigeon holed between the freeway and another road. It looks like they could expand on the west side of the park if they wanted to in the future.

Thanks for reading and now on to California. Magic Mountain is going to blow my kids' minds!

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Great trip report about a park that isn't covered too often. I've always been curious about this park, mainly because of the Schwartzkopf. It doesn't seem to get as much love as the others.

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The Anton at Frontier City is the same model as the one that ran at AstroWorld. Frontier City had no silly "two riders per row" requirement, though (this was probably around '04). Wildcat was really a very smooth coaster as I recall...but not too heavy on thrills.

Sadly, the indoor coaster had already been shutttered when we visited.

Happily, the S*S AbsolutelyInsane ran as a non-upcharge...but it ran a very tame program. Sounds like not much has changed on that.

Thanks for the TR - a park we don't hear much about... :)

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