Frontier City - 6/17/03

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Took my son, two friends and the rest of our family for a day at White Water Bay and Frontier City in OKC.

I won't go into too much detail - just give you the highlights.

White Water Bay
- all slides open except one.
- youngest son (6) got stuck on a tube slide - lifeguard had to rescue him - lifeguards said that slide has problems and won't push - I guess that's why kids only can go down it.
- had a really good time.

Frontier City:
Advertised rides closed at gate: Tomahawk, Nightmare, Terrible Twister

Rides actually closed in park (never opened): Tomahawk, Nightmare, Terrible Twister, Rodeo Roundup, Casino, several kiddie rides (didn't coun't).

Rides that closed while we were in the park: Log Ride, Hangman, Diamondback.

Total Rides at park = 21, total closed 8, percent of park operating = 62%

We paid only $10 bucks apiece to enter (Tulsa QT coupon) which is approximately 33% of full price - so I guess we got what we paid for.

Had a good time, operations were good on the rides that were open.

ErUPtion is a free attraction at Frontier City. Good ride but scarier watching it than actually riding. It shoots you up twice - can't believe SFMM charges $10 for this ride.

Overall - great day ($20 bucks for both parks, free ErUPtion, $4 parking fee for ticket that could be used at both parks).
Let the good times roll - Zingo

Humm ... I just wondered if the new park management is planning on adding new family area. I read somewhere that SFI was going to start concentrating on family areas....Never know.........

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