From Hollywood to Dollywood

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This is a GLBT film documentary about two guys trying to get Dolly Parton a script and their journey from Hollywood to Dollywood in an RV named Jolene.

- and was somewhat worthy of a look - hope to see it someday soon!!!

Yes I'm serious!

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I don't understand why they wouldn't just 'send' it to Dolly. But what do I know. If it involves Dolly, it can't be bad. Love Jolene and I sure would like one of those RVs! I'm sick of hotel rooms.

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I have a Travel Trailer - It is a pain in the ass to set up - but cheaper than a Motor home to maintain. Her name is Priscilla.

If I had to do it over? I'd get the hotel room.

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I love that old queenie man in that trailer "I don't know what the sodomy laws are in Tennessee but Bless their hearts!" LOL

This is premiering in Indianapolis real soon. Just saw it advertised somewhere.

The old queenie man is Leslie Jordan, a 4' 11" charactor actor who's been around since the 80's. Most of us became familiar with him for his recurring role as Beverly Leslie on Will & Grace, but he also played Brother Boy in Sordid Lives, and most recently had a small but hilarious role in The Help. He also has an interesting biography, My Life on the Pink Carpet.

Nice that the boys were able to score his appearance and commentary for their film. If nothing else, he's more accessible than Dolly!

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