Fright Fest (SFA)

Has anyone gone to this recently? I'm going this Saturday, and i'm hoping it will be nice. Do they keep all of the coasters open? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

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I went the last two weekends to SFA FF and yes, all the coasters were up and running. There were a few flats down and Typhoon Sea Coaster has been closed almost all season. A few new shows this year, a new haunted house, but no Midnight Express train.

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I went on the first sunday<10/8/06> & it was the same old stuff as last year with the exception of no brutal planet & no midnight express,still believe it or not they had quite a few costumed characters roaming the park by the late afternoon & into the evening.

JJ should be open this year as it was running on my visit back on the 8th,as for the other coasters supes was running off & on all day & didn't open until around 4 pm so there may still be problems with it & wild one was completely empty after dark so I scored a few laps without having to get off the train.

I wonder if Wheels was working the ride that evening? if he was then I'm the guy who asked the op at controls if it was alright to switch to an empty seat after that first lap.

I hope to get out there at least once more this season,possibly on the last weekend & get in a few more coasters before the start of the offseason... all those free laps last time came at a price as I've been battling a cold for the past week or so now.

What did the op look like. *** Edited 10/17/2006 10:51:56 PM UTC by wheels00000*** *** Edited 10/19/2006 6:49:15 PM UTC by wheels00000***
^He was your typical African American op...he & the rest of the crew were doing a good job running the ride between the hours of 8pm & just before we left the park at 9pm.

Now if only the crew at supes were able to do as good a job as the WO crew was doing,then maybe the park would show signs of improvement.So far I've had the pleasure of meeting one fellow buzzer who was working operations for the park when I encountered Sirloindude doing an outstanding job of loading & dispatching trains last season during FF over at Batwing.

Nope it wasn't me. Sirloindude decided to go work CP this year. I still don't get why. He was one of the few people who can easily keep up with me on Batwing. *** Edited 10/19/2006 6:49:31 PM UTC by wheels00000***
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If you don't understand why I'd go for CP instead of SFA, you don't deserve that red shirt. ;)

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No that was sarcasm. You should be happy you got out. It is way worse this year compared to last.
^Definitely worse than last year,no doubt about it.

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