Fright Fest ?'s

Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:31 PM

Im going to Fright Fest at SFGA for the first time. I have a two questions about what happens:

1. What is different (other then the huanted houses and people going around tring to scare guests )?

2. Were are the haunted houses located usally?

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Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:38 PM




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Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:42 PM

I am assuming rc3268 means SFGAm, so I am basing my post off of that park.

Well, they really do a great job of theming. Blood colored water, spiderwebs in the trees, gools, goblins, witches, tombstones, spooky music, giant spider on American Eagle's helix (visable from I-94), and lots of other stuff. I personally would like to give Six Flags a round of applause for Fright Fest. They really do a great job, and its tons of fun.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:56 PM

I know there's another, fairly recent thread about this somewhere. There's some good info on that.

There's one haunted house in Southwest Territory, in the Trail Blazer building. Don't ask me how they do it; I don't like haunted houses, and have never been through it. The other one's by Iron Wolf, but I think it's entrance might be somewhere in Yukon Territory. It's not that hard to find it. Just walk around that area of the park, and you should see a really long line stretching out into the midway...

As for what's different, it's a lot. Every bit of scenery and landscaping has had a makeover, with cobwebs, humorous gravestones, and more. There are little things all over the place, like a random skeleton singing "Stay'n Alive." They play scary music all day. They only have so much, so it gets looped quite a bit. I don't mind, though, 'cause if it didn't repeat all the time, I'd only get to here the "Halloween" theme played once. It's a nice touch. What shows they have are changed, as well (don't miss the hypnosis show, if they have it this year). EVERY bit of water that I could see was dyed red. And we're not talking red-red, we're talking blood-red. Which translates, when put on the scale of the reflecting pool at the front gate, into BROWN. Way cool. Oh, yeah. Several of the shops and rides have their names changed around. Everyone knows that Iron Wolf becoems Iron Werewolf, but did you know that Shock Wave used to become Electro-Shock Wave (hey, maybe they'll put a 170' gravestone in the middle of it's layout this year...)? My favorite was that last year, their "teen" store was re-christened "Aberzombie and Witch." All in all, it's a pretty good makeover.

(I should probably mention that the park isn't really scary, it's just plain fun. I've heard that the haunted houses are good, but, as I've said, I've never actually been in them)

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