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Today was closing day for Six Flags in St. Louis so I grabbed my cameras and drove three hours to the park. First order of business was to renew my season pass. Eighty five dollars later it was done. Next up was renting a locker for my cameras. The park has these electronic pin code access lockers, I go to rent one of the small ones and they were all taken. So I didn’t see the others inside the park and rented one of the family ones for 15 dollars. I was told to select a pin code, I thought I put in my birth date, but we will revisit these in a few paragraphs.

Onto the rides. First up was Mr. Freeze, did a second row ride. It was good like usual. Next up was Screamin Eagle. I decided to do a back seat ride. It wasn’t great, but it was still good. It was still quite a bit chilly, probably about 50’s. Slow and rough, but not Boss rough. Next up was

Superman: Tower of Power. I love drop rides, and this one didn’t disappoint. Making my way back down to the front of the park, I grabbed a ride on Tony Hawk. Weight must have been uneven because we spun like crazy, it was a blast. Then onto the pain machine, Ninja. It isn’t the head banging that hurts me, it is the restraint bars pressing down on my shoulders. Anyway, onto my last ride of the day, Batman. This ride is so smooth, I love it.

At this point I decided to grab my cameras and the sun is in direct path of the locker machine screen. Using my jacket to block it, I try to unlock my locker. It says pin error. Try again, same thing. Go to guest relations and a worker comes over and tells me that somehow my zero ended up pressing the eight. Problem solved and I head back in to take pics and video. Looney Toons characters were out in force, it was nice to see. Peppy le pew, Daffy just to name a few.

Time for food, took up someone’s suggestion and ate at Moose burger Lodge. For 11.62 I got a bacon cheeseburger, 2 onion rings, and potato fries. Very well worth it, unlike Johnny Rockets. I stuck around for the boorade. Shortest parade I ever seen, 2 vehicles with people walking. Was talking to some of the management people and they said the coffin of fear was coming up so I waited around for it. A crowd has showed up and the best shot I could get was standing in a flower bed that was bare, which people already doing so I wait. About 5 minutes into the show, we were told we would have to move. Seeing how I couldn’t get any good shots, I left. Got to the front gate and the scarectors were out scaring people, so I started taping. Not long into that Thriller started blasting on the speakers and they ran to the front and starting dancing and I recorded video! The song was soon over and I left.

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How did you wind up spending $85 for a season pass? Since September they've been offering 2008 passes for $54.99. Hadn't said anything before now, but I went on the 7th and thought the terror train was absolutely retarded this year. The train was full of families with small children. The story was hard to hear above all the munchkins, and the explosion didn't happen so the SWAT guy just said 'BANG!' for a wonderfull conclusion to the half-assed half-trip train. Not that we went for the halloween stuff anyway, Six Flags is all about the RIDES, but the train used to be relatively creative and interesting in years past. We didn't get to see much of the spooky stuff because everyone I was with was ready to leave at 5:30, but the smell from the front of the Palace where they were doing the coffin and eat-this-gross-stuff wheel made us all nauseous. Can't wait for EK next year!
Perhaps a parking pass was added?
parking pass. for 25 dollars it was added and if I go as much as I went this year, it wil be worth the money. Plus it should eb good at other parks. And at 15 bucks to park. I went three times this year.

JVC Everio 30 gig hdd camera Nikon d70s
You are all lucky...Season Passes at Six Flags Great America are $79.99 and Parking Passes cost $60.00. Dang!!

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