Fright Dome at Circus Circus 10/05

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The Fright Dome at Circus Circus. I went on a Thursday. This is an event for locals, not tourists. If you enter on the Circus Circus side, you have to walk all the way behind the West Tower into the valet if their computers are down, which are quite often. They have a massive tent set up with q lines and about 8 stations to get your wristband.

Lucky for me, no line, but the girl was on here first day of work. Crikey. I was charged correct, but not for the express pass. I showed the next girl how to do the transaction, and in I went.

VERY DARK! Like, too dark if this was in a major city. Lots of fog. First walk through was Chainsaw Massacre. Out on the party deck, so, again, very dark. Lots of guys with loud chain saws at the end. Pretty good. 7/10.

You have to remember, all the props were 'off the shelf' from Halloween companies special effects. CC bought everything in the catalog, and actually did a decent job.

Then I did Funhouse of Fear. Its a 3D, and its done well. I actually jumped once, which was the first time in years I have been startled. One of the actors actually grabbed me when I thought they went by. Why she rubed my head I do not know. Lots of clowns. Kramer would not be able to do this. 8/10.

I then did the Canyon Blaster, 8/10, which was in heavy fog, and to my suprise, a much larger line, the Rim Runner, 8/10. I then had to really look for the IMAX films (it was dark), but I did Dark Kastle. It was a tad better than the one I saw last fall at Luxor. 6/10.

The other majors were running, including Chaos, Sling Shot, Bumper Cars, and get this, the Galleon (swinging ship), which looked very eerie with green and yellow lights. Nice detail with the fog effect. All the other rides were in the darkm by the way.

Next off to Cell Block 13. They had several displays of prisoners being executed. Good times. 7/10. They also had a Jim Rose Freak Show which was crowded at each showing. YOu can use your express pass here too to get good seats.

The final attraction was Morgue of Misery. Again, someone grabbed me. Lots of autopsies and hospital stuff, bodies cut in half, and good old fashioned blood. The one employee it is cheaper to use real blood than ketchup. 8/10.

They had draft beers for $2, and all the food outlest open. Only a few games, as it was dark, and tough to see. Lots of teens, and mid-20's crowds on dates. Good group of locals.

As for saftey, armed Circus Circus guards are all over, and there are tour guides taking each group through the houses. CC does seem to be trying to keep lines moving.

Overall pretty good experience. I would not go near this place on a Friday or Saturday. If you are in the area, it is worth the stop, since you can do all the big rides also. Overall 8/10.

Interesting, I bet a Haunted Adventure Dome would be cool!

I didn't know the Adventure dome did this. Now, since it is Sin City, someone from there should go to HHN, take notes, and make this NC-17...

Or not ;).

That is an interesting concept. There were several age groups there, but it was focused on teens. Sort of a first date gig. There were a number of 20-30 somethings, again on dates, and a good number of folks just sitting at the bar with the $2 draft waiting on kids and such.

I just don't know if they would sacrifice the teen business, where they are getting $30-$40 per person from a local, whereas they usually get $18 or so from a tourist wristband. it seems to me Adventuredome is raking in some major revenue on October from a market that wouldn't really be there.

Circus Circus does not actually produce this event, another company is contracted to do it, so I'm not sure that they actually make much revenue off the gate. I know people in Circus Circus' marketing department, and they always donate tickets to us; the Frightdome is the only time they can't give us tickets because of this arrangement.

I'm glad you had a good time this year because the first two were sub-par. I didn't want to go back and waste $35. I guess Knott's has spoiled me. For the first two years Frightdome did not hire much talent. They got local high school theater departments to "volunteer" for a promised donation, which some schools did not end up receiving.

In the past (almost 10 years ago!), MGM had a pretty good event, much better than Frightdome, IMO.

Oh, and we've got NC-17 haunted houses hosted by local strip clubs. *** Edited 12/3/2005 11:06:14 PM UTC by The Lorax***

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^ Where are these NC-17 houses at? I looked everywhere I could; mags, newspapers, TV, google, and found no mention of this. :(

I recently posted my thoughts about the various Halloween activities here in LV, and found that for $25 (coupons were at all BKs; no need for a FOTL pass on a slow Thurs) ), Frightdome was the best bang-for-the-buck in the area.

Now if I can find these strip-joint HH's, the above sentiment might change...

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I remember the advertisements for the events at the strip clubs. I would probably attend if I am out there again. I bought the express pass as I did not know what to expect. I never pay to get in the seasonal parks, so I really only pay for Florida, and this Terror Dome, so I don't mind dropping a few extra coins.

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