Friday night at SF Great America

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Park opened up at 5pm. I think they opened the gates a few minutes early, but we were working on our Dairy Queen treats.

It was pretty cold, somewhere in the 50's. There is this Giant animatronic Pumpkinhead-like 30 foot moster in front of the carousel. He rises up every few minutes! This was so great...

First ride for me and my bud Brian was the Whizzer. No wait, we rode 2 times. This and Viper are my favorite rides in the park, so we loved it.

Demon was next, 2 times without leaving the station. There were red light up eyes in the first tunnel, and smoke (!!!!) before the corkscrew in the 'Demon's mouth'. Very nice!

Deja Vu was closed, but has been renamed "hellevator" for Fright Fest. That is some kinda inside joke I guess, kinda cool and a little sad at the same time.

American Eagle was running red only, but gave a great ride. Rode some flats, Fiddler's Fling is now "space command" for the fest. Did the Necropolis - city of the dead walk through. I nearly jumped on my friends back a couple times. I'm a big guy, but turn into a total scare-d-cat in these sort of things (but still seek them out, you know, "big T" personality.)

Iron Wolk was a walk on, didn't want the pain. It's called "Predator" for the fest, complete with a Predator from the movie on the sign. This would be a great new name if they keep the ride - new trains and some tlc would be great too! Maybe B&M can build stand up trains similar to the flying trains with the 'vest' harness - or something like the new Vekoma SLC seats.

The East River Crawler ("Lobster" during the Tidal Wave days) was called "monster mash" for the fest. The Giant Lobster with red light up eyes is still on the center hub. When the ride started up, all lights looking fresh and bright, "rock lobster" started up on the loud speakers. This was a blast! Very festive.

We rode Rajin Cajin, about a 20-30 minute wait. It was only 1 length in the que, but the ride has such low capacity. Plus, only 3 adults can ride in the cars, so alot of 4 seat cars going out with 2 people. It was wicked and fast, the most wild ride I've ever had on a spinning mouse!

Met some friends after dinner at Mooseburger Lounge ('Dion' was a great cashier and earned himself a compliment on the way out of the park).

Whizzer 3 more times. Trees turning red in spots, the ride was flying, too great!

Demon agin, I think 3 times. That first drop is one of the best in the country! Snap!!!

We then went through the "rise of the demon" walk through maze. O boy, I was a sweat hog when I walked in there, I turn into a big baby. It was great, and not an upcharge...

Finished the day off with a ride on V2 (I jumped back in with a single rider, so I got 2 rides ;).

Stopped at Guest relations to give Dion the compliment and the long standing complaint of the Eagle only running one side (and that even worse new mile long walk to the station).

One of the supervisors in there started talking to me about old times... it was great, I couldn't get outta there. Tidal wave, 25 cent root beer, etc...

I did see about 3 people smoking out of the smoking zones. Didn't see anyone getting busted though. *** Edited 10/20/2007 3:53:33 PM UTC by J7G3***

Remember the weather wasn't the best or the crowd all that big so what you saw was normal operation. It's interesting that people still complain about Eagles entrance. For most of us it's the best thing that ever happened a easy access gate now in place and really the walk isn't that long. Great America has done a wonderful job with Fright Fest and it's nice you noticed. Vu well like last Friday even though there are wheel heaters like those found on Train Platforms, current operations is skiddish about running it in Cold or Wind. Last Friday it ran until 7:00 when the tempertures dropped into the 30's but with that ride who care anymore. I think a great way to end Fright Fest would be to implode it next Sunday at 9:30, end the event with a bang.

Ronald Witrzek
I hear ya, but I still really see the Eagle as being a (potentially and or again) a great ride - as it was meant. It would be great to bring the park "up to" the ride, and have a manageable size que. Also, have the entrance to the station between the tracks, you would need less employees to moderate the station volume (even though that's rare as it is).

I just see room for an improvement. Tough not to do that being the spoiled coaster geek that I am. And after visiting places like Indiana Beach, Holidayworld and Kiddieland(!!!)...

I'm pretty darn happy with the park I have close to me, and pretty proud that it's probably one of if not the best run Six Flags out there. We also have Whizzer and Viper!

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^ Wow, I was afraid for a second you were going to say Indiana Beach is better run than Great America, I was like wha??????? Nice. Yeah, I love the Eagle. It was one of Intamin's first rides. As well as Iron Wolf being B&M's first ride :)

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WildStangAlex said:
^ Wow, I was afraid for a second you were going to say Indiana Beach is better run than Great America, I was like wha??????? Nice. Yeah, I love the Eagle. It was one of Intamin's first rides. As well as Iron Wolf being B&M's first ride :)

Great America is 'purty' well run, IMO, as far as Six Flags goes. Indiana Beach is well run, but I mentioned it b/c I get much more bang for my buck at Indiana Beach. You know... free parking, pop for like $2 (or whatever, about 1/2 the price at a Six Flags). Super coasters, great rides, dark rides, and it's always clean. Friendly employees too!

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