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I've just returned from five days in France, taking in

• Disney Studios Paris
• Disneyland Paris
• Fete a Neu-Neu
• Jardin d'Acclimatation
• Mer de Sable
• Nigloland
• Parc Asterix
• Parc Saint Paul
• Walibi Lorraine

Trip reports are on my site -


Thanks for the interesting series of reports Richard. You have some parks in there that I haven't even heard of, much less wondered about. I had been intrigued by the Anaconda at Walibi Lorraine. After your description of it, not so much anymore ;)
Interesting how you say Comet Space was smooth. While that particular model has some bad transitions, I bet you can easily brace for them when the train is facing forwards... Jester at SFNO on the other hand is facing backwards and you just have to learn to brace yourself throughout the whole ride. But besides a couple bad transitions, it's actually an extremely smooth ride (probably the smoothest vekoma/arrow type coaster I've ridden). I'm curious if the close station makes for a close call. The visuals must be pretty nice in the turn into the corkscrews.
Thanks for the feedback. Comet Space is really not a bad ride at all, though I honestly don't remember about the proximity to the station. Anaconda, though, is a useful addition to the park!.

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