Freeway gone at CP?

Sorry I haven't been on these boards for a long time and I am trying to catch up. But, why did they remove the freeway/fastpass system from Cedar Point? I found myself lining up for freeway at dragster and realizing 20 minutes later that they don't have it anymore.

If there is a thread about this sorry for not searching thoroughly I'm pretty bad about doing that.



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You mean it is really gone. :)

I'd search this one if I were you.

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Will the Freeway Ride Reservation System be available this year?

Since Cedar Point has more rides than any other park, and is capable of accommodating more guests per hour than any other park in the world, it was decided that the Freeway system was not necessary. Elimination of Freeway also results in a level playing field where all guests are treated equally and no one receives special privileges.

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I still honestly don't get WHY exactly they got rid of it... that just sounds like some generic politically correct answer. They've had around the same number of rides since they've introduced the Freeway Ride system.

The queue's are still set up (most, anyway) where there is the freeway lane. Some coasters aren't popular enough anymore to warrent this... but I really wonder what the true story behind it is. Was there some cheating going on, or pissed off guests who didnt know about it, or other?

Most days the system was worthless, MF and TTD are the only ones that really got use of it. People got upset because the system didn't cater to everyone. That and the whole stamp thing sucked.
Freeway was kinda stupid when you think about it. I mean technically, the lines should be slightly shorter now without it. On crowded days when you might think it to be benefical to use the Freeway, you would have to wait in pretty long lines just to get the freeway stamp anyways, especially on Dragster.

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...yea, but no more than maybe a half hour tops... and that's if you got there before they did the stamps. Plus, once you got it, if your time was like around 4-5pm, it pays off since all you wait is 15min vs. the nearly 2hrs time it would normally have taken.

...and MF, Raptor, Wicked Twister, & others were pretty easy to obtain. My problem was jogging/sprinting/running to get a stamp from Raptor to MF. Such a pain 'cause I didnt want them to run outta stamps.

Yeah, we noticed at Coastermanis that some if not all the Freeway stands were stashed behind the bathrooms to the left of Gemini. When we asked a group of management about it during ERT the gist of the answer was that it had outlived it's usefullness.

I'd agree since the longest waits I've endured all season for rides like MF, TTD, WT, and Raptor have been in the 30-45 minute range.

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A cheap FastPass knock-off that was thought of to make money and not benifit the guest. Only one system that rocked more than FastPass was what Universal HAD, but that's gone now too. Hmmmm, Disney, could we get rid of FastPass?
How exactly was it "thought of to make money" when it was free?

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Mole was probably referring to the fact that although intended to create perceived shorter waits, Freeways true purpose was to raise in park spending by limiting the amount of time people waited in line by having them walk midways spending instead.

Freeway did nothing to address the true cause of the waits... the rides capacity.

It really sucks that it is gone as we would always get 2 MF stamps and then only have to wait 15 minutes when our time came as opposed to the 2hrs+ that is the normal line (when we usually go). We did not need it the last time we visited though as it was walk-ons for everything.

The Mole said:
A cheap FastPass knock-off that was thought of to make money and not benifit the guest.

CP never advertised their Freeway system and that's where the problem started. No one knew about the system. By the time people realized they had the system, they stopped giving out stamps for the day. It wasn't an equal opportunity and that's what they said.

When you say cheap, that was the point, it was a nontechnical way to follow the trend of what other parks had.

You spelled benefit wrong.

I always knew they had it before and I just never used it because I figured if I hit rides at the right time of the day I would at most get maybe an hour wait, which is affordable I suppose if its only 1 or 2 rides (MF and TTD).

Universal's is still there, only hotel guests get the real benefit, and Express PLUS would be great if they offered another package where it was unlimited access to the lines, but also saving that for the hotel guests only is a very good gesture also, considering there hotels aren't that badly priced.

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