Freestyle Music Park says it has lined up additional investors

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reestyle Music Park announced Friday that it has lined up some new investors, an infusion of money to help the park pay some of its debts. Representatives from FPI MB Entertainment LLC, which owns the park, say they have signed a memorandum of understanding with a group of investors from Florida and Ohio, but declined to say who the investors are and how much they are investing in the park.

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What are those things that are born every minute? :)

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Oh, you mean suckers?

Okay, place your bets: what's the new name going to be for next year, or will the park make it another year? Is this a Ponzi sceme for investors the rival Bernie Madoff's scam?

Stay tuned for Feestyle Park: The Saga continues! ;)

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I only hope they don't saddle the park with a new, confusing, irrelevant name.

Oh, wait....

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I always interpreted the park's new name to mean that the theming isn't just about hard rock music, which may turn some people off. Everyone likes different styles of music. The term "Freestyle" is probably supposed to define the park as an all around music park, instead of just one genera.

Saying that, I do agree that it's kind of a confusing name, and could be somewhat irrelevant to those who don't interpret the name "Freestyle" in a similar way that I do.

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Freestyle is the name of the parent company. . They are working on an indoor park in Russia.

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Yeah, got it. But I highly doubt the name of the parent company in Russia means anything to most residents in SC.

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Could the parent company's name have come from what they wanted to name the park, and not the other way around?

It's like a "which came first; the chicken or the egg" kind of thing.

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I wonder if those investors were glad to hear the park was just served its 17th lawsuit?

In case you ever wondered what happens when you take a niche idea that really didn't work well on a business level in the first place and remove anything that makes it remotely interesting thinking that will somehow draw revenue. :)

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