Freestyle announces kids area with four new rides

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Families visiting the new Freestyle Music Park will be able to choose from four new children's rides - all named after hit songs - in a new, 17,000-square-foot kiddie area unveiled Wednesday by the park's new owners. The four new rides were purchased from Zamperla.

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So far, they seem to be making some pretty good moves, especially with adding fountains and the water play area next to the kiddie rides.

But with what I have heard about the heat in Myrtle Beach, I hope they install a lot of those shade tarps that SFNO did a few years ago elsewhere in the park.

That Phonehenge thing will be gone, too, and though I never saw it, it really didn't make much sense to me.

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I couldn't agree less.

Four Zamperla kiddie rides aren't going to do dick for this place.

And one of the best times of our visit to HRP was sitting on one of those stone benches at the Phonehange stage as the sun went down and listening to an incredibly engaging man tell stories of his life, world travels and jokes as he entertained with juggling and comedy. Very organic and intimate and a perfect transition from day to night for our visit.

Like I've been saying - if you missed HRP last year, you missed it for good because this ain't gonna be anything close.

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Lord Gonchar said:

Like I've been saying - if you missed HRP last year, you missed it for good because this ain't gonna be anything close.

There's another thread going on presently with some lamenting the loss of GL. I never got there and I feel I've missed out on something even if all opinions of the place aren't raving.

I feel the same about HRP. Apparently I missed out, again.


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I see what you're saying LG, and you're right, by not visiting last year, there are things I have definatly missed forever.

I know the kiddie rides themselves won't do much, but the fact that the park knows where weaknesses lie now, they will be able address those a little better later when they have had a little operational time under their belt.

How long have they owned this place now? It seems like they are doing quite a bit given the time restraints.

Gonch is right. I know the company is probably working with a limited budget, but this is slightly underwhelming. If they were trying to start the new ownership off with an exclamation point, this ain't it.

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Underwhelming how? They are adding some thing. Personally I could give a rats behind if they added anything for this year and spent five million in marketing in promotion. Lower the gate significantly and make visit deals with the campgrounds and Hotels of the areaGetting people there is the battle. No whats there right now.

Perhaps they are going on the premise that the park was fairly perfect to begin with, and by adding kid rides they are necessarily filling a gap. I never visited the park as it was, but I see all the time that there are fans here.

There will be something missing, and what fans like Gonch will lament, is that the charm, whimsy, and humor that was HRP will go away with the Hard Rock name. ( I thought Phonehenge was a stroke of genius, as were the free air guitars)

The new owners, I guess, are just trying to keep it as much the same and do whatever they can to get bodies (with families attached) through the gate. They are praying right now that they will have visitors to Myrtle this year to begin with, and that they can entice them up the road to a family park to spend a little money.

I hope 2 things. One, that they are successful. Two, that our friends here that were lucky enough to attend opening season won't be wrecked when they return .

So we're looking for Charm and Whimsy Humor land?

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There's no need to look... we have that right here at CBuzz! ;)

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Charm and Whimsy Humor -- our two chief weapons. And ruthless efficiency. Charm, Whimsy Humor and ruthless efficiency. Curses, I'll have to start over. ;)

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Oh, i knew as soon as a mashed the button i was gonna start something...

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I didn't think it was worth starting a new topic for this, so here it is.

Nights in White Satin video on You Tube. It's got to be hard to video a ride in so much darkness with 3-D effects. I think they did about a good a job with the video as could be expected considering.

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Wow. That looked amazing.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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The video is the best one out there of the ride, but it still doesn't quite capture all the greatness. Really a must-do ride.

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Freestyle Music Park Introduces "The Time Machine" Roller Coaster

This is what has become of Led Zeppelin - The Ride.

So far the changes with the park read like a "What I wouldn't have done to HRP" list.

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The fact that there was a Led Zeppelin roller coaster was the thing that pushed me over the top between just thinking about making the trip and actually going to the park. To me, this is a big loss. But I've already written the park off as dead, so whatever I guess.

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It could have been called Flight Deck.

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