Free gas from Sea World Florida and Busch Tampa offered to lure you to parks

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If you buy three tickets at Sea World Florida or Busch Gardens Tampa, the park will pay for your gas to drive there, up to $20. To get the gas voucher, you need to buy the tickets through the AAA auto club.

Read more from WESH-TV.

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$20 won't get me anywhere near Tampa. Nice promo idea though.

If I'da thought about it a little longer, I'da spent more time thinking.

Wow....nice!  Now, let's see if SF would ever do

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I am going in February to Florida. This will make that drive from Orlando to Tampa free.

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A Honda Civic will get you 39 miles per gallon. Or my favorite, the Honda Accord gets you 31.
well well well i am going to sea world for the first time on November 27th. This is good, very good. he he he. Now to lour my parents to take me to tampa for more free gas and maybe ride the rides while i am their
John must work for Honda or somethin'. He's always promotin' them thingamabobs.

Back to the purpose of this topic, I find myself a wee bit short on gas if I am driving there. My last trip there from Columbus Ohio took MUCH more than $20. But hey, that would at least get me past Kings Island!!
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We drove a Geo Metro round trip from Milwaukee to Miami for about $80 once !!!

Take an economical car, and this is a great deal.

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Duffy, you never give up on your florida trip do you? lol
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Is this really going to work? Gas in the US is ridiculously cheap anyway; so how many people will save the full amount?
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