Free admission to Disney on your Birthday in 2009

FYI: If anyone is planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland...I just received an email that is offering "Free admission" on birthdays in 2009.

Free* Admission on Your
Birthday--It's Our Gift to You!

Since birthdays are the one celebration we all share, let's start with the most magical present of all: free admission on your birthday during 2009 to one of the Theme Parks of Walt Disney World Resorts*!

Free Admission on Your Birthday[url][url]

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I was reading the FAQ and even if your a passholder you benefit if you go on your birthday. The special birthday FastPass sounds like it could be a great benefit. Very cool promotion. Why doesn't Six Flags do something like this. Here is the attached Q&A I was talking about:

Q: I am a Passholder (or have a valid Multi-Day Ticket or a Seasonal Pass that I will use for admission on my birthday in 2009), so I don't need to take advantage of this offer. If I register, is there anything else I could receive on my birthday?

A: Yes, you have several options which are available for you to select once you arrive at the Park with your confirmation message and your proper ID. You can receive:

  • A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket* for you to use on your birthday for merchandise, recreation or fun activities at select participating locations at Walt Disney World┬« Resort; or
  • A special birthday FASTPASS┬« badge+ for certain attractions at the Theme Park you visit on your birthday; or
  • A 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket for you to use any time until your next birthday.

+The number of birthday FASTPASS badges issued is limited and may not be available after 11am. Valid Theme Park admission required. FASTPASS for birthday celebrant and up to 5 members of his/her party.

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I'm totally going to Disney next year for the $79 gift card. Free Jiko anyone? :D

I guess that's the only benefit of admission prices going up!

Unfortunately, it's not valid for cast members :(.

So do I need to choose NOW if I want to use my free birthday admission for either Disney World or Disneyland??

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Top Thrill Dragster said:
Unfortunately, it's not valid for cast members :(.

You mean the ones that get in free all the time anyway?

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Come July I will hitchhike to WDW alone, get in free, survive on smuggled saltines and water fountains, and then leave without a penny spent.


Happy Birthday to me! Now if they would just pay for my airline ticket, hotel stay, and payed vacation time from work. :)

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SFoGswim said:

Top Thrill Dragster said:
Unfortunately, it's not valid for cast members :(.

You mean the ones that get in free all the time anyway?

I was referring to the gift card worth the admission price. Not only would it be free admission, but also random free money thrown at me. Too bad.

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Well, I might be able to use this in 2010 if they do it again, but my BD always falls during Coaster Con. So next year is defiantly out, as I will be in Branson, MO.

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I think this is a much better conceived campaign than year of a million something-or-other.

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I will have to wait till December of 2009. ;)

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