FR (Food Report): Knoebels opening day, 4/24/04

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Teaberry ice cream. That's all I have to say :)

And Chicken Fries drowning in BBQ sauce.

GregLeg said:We also both had birth beer to drink.

BIRTH beer? Ew!! ;)

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Hah. I'm surprised nobody noticed that earlier.

BIRCH beer. Better? :)

--Greg, who doesn't even want to think of what "birth" beer would taste like.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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You think THAT'S bad, imagine the "after-taste", on second thought, DON'T....:(
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Rob Ascough said:
Teaberry ice cream. That's all I have to say

I LOVE TeaBerry! MMMMmmmmm.....Must go to PPP

Birch beer is good, my dad makes that fromtime to time.

Geez, I'm hungry now!

and I'm NOT commenting on Birth Beer!;)

It's ovulicious.

[url=""]My blog[/url] You said, "I'm gonna run you down." I heard, "I'm an orangutan."

coasterqueenTRN said:
And don't forget the Yuengling Brewery just down the road a bit..............;-)

Okay, can anyone teach me how to pronounce this word? I saw the beer one day @ Hershey and wanted to try it, but was too embarrassed to try and order it. I've since bought it at the local store and I quite enjoy it (the 'regular' lager, cant stand Black and Tan anything...besides women...). But to this day, I really wouldnt know how to ask for it correctly.

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Around here I typically hear it as "Ying-ling".

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

I seem to recall some hilljack telling me it's 'Yingling.' ;)
Around here, we call it "Yin-LING" But we say things funny here in Philly, so don't take my word for it.

BTW, it is one of the best beers out there, and my personal choice :)

You Philly guys have to cut it short to make sure you get the words out before the fights erupt ;)

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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I've heard it pronounced "ying-ling" in both eastern and western PA (as a resident of both areas)

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Given there's also a Yuengling plant less than a quarter-mile fromm BGT....can we assume that they (the Yuengling family) are *closet enthusiasts*....;)

P.S. I mostly hear "Ying-Ling", but I have also heard "Yung-Ling", which rhymes with Carl Jung...if you can pronounce that, LOL...

When I go to the bar I just ask for a Lager. But then again when your on a first name basis with everyone who works at the bar they tend to know what you want. Not that I frequent bars or anything. ;)
Here in northern NJ, we pronounce it Ying-ling (for what it's worth.)
Cpunk, that is all you have to do around here too. I think it has been some time since I've run into a barkeep that doesn't know what you want when you ask for a lager. Good Eastern/Central PA tip for you folks when looking for a good beer :)

Teaberry Ice Cream is not too far off from sucking on a Glade Plug In!
Hey! I happen to like the occasional Glade snack from time to time. Cleans out the system ;)
Ying-ling? Okay that's totally stupid! There is a "U" and an "E" in the freaking word, yet it's pronounced as an "I". Whatever. Thanks tho'

I weep for the future....

Matt Groening = GRAY-ning
Biloxi, Mississippi = bill-UX-ee
Greenwich Village = GRIN-itch

Language is weird.

[url=""]My blog[/url] You said, "I'm gonna run you down." I heard, "I'm an orangutan."

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