Four Parks July 4th

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Thursday, July 5, 2001 8:51 PM
The first stop was PKI. We were there only a couple of hours. We had a late start. We decided to check out a show since on all of visits we haven't seen any. At 2:30 we witnessed the forbidden magic and it was a good show. The secrets of magic reveled on TV really messed up my magic show viewing pleasure. The girls are pleasant on the eyes and for the animal lovers a part of the act has a really nice looking dog. I don't know what kind it is maybe somebody knows and will post. After the magic show we left the park to go eat.

The 2nd park was Coney Island. A very nice park with perfect pricing after 4pm the rides is 5 bucks. The Pepsi Python was okay, and yes I just rode it for my coaster count. I enjoyed the round up more than the coaster. The park had a nice feel to it you can just stroll around and not be in any hurry.

The third park was Stricklers Grove. The coaster's are worth the trip. We rode Tornado twice and I rode Teddy bear once. The back seat on the Tornado is the best. The park is unique; it really is a picnic ground with rides on it. The prices are pleasantly low $1.50 for a 20-oz beer, $1.00 for an ice cream cone, and I think it was $4.00 for a dinner platter. The corn on the cob is a must. I talked the cooks into telling me how to fix my own sweet corn like they do.

The fourth park is Americana. I was excepting to find a run down weedy place but I didn't. The grass is mowed the flowerbeds are growing and look nice. The whole place looked like it had aground crew working it. Being at the park was really weird looking in the gates was like stepping back in time. The fountain was running and the prices were still on the boards. I think it would take much to make it ready to open up. The only problem is the Screeching Eagle, The ride is looking old a bunch of lumber needs replaced. I walked the whole ride looking it over and a good crew of carpenters could have it ready in a few weeks. I think the owner is trying to keep the park up in hopes of finding a way to open it back up someday.


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