Former Geauga Lake Tilt-a-Whirl purchased by Northeast Ohio FEC

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The owner of The Caddie Shack, a family entertainment center in Alliance, Ohio, has purchased the Tilt-a-Whirl ride that used to run at Geauga Lake from the Columbus Zoo.

Read more from WOIO/Cleveland.

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I bet they bought it just to tear it down.

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Oooh. Just minutes from my house (in Louisville). That said, we have lived here for 9 years, and I have never heard of The Caddie Shack. Until just now.

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The Columbus zoo mentioned on their facebook that they were getting rid of it because it had come to the end of its life. I don't know if they are replacing it with anything. I wonder how much work it will need or how bad of shape it really is in.

It was moved around at GL at least 4 times and transported to Wyandot and moved a few hundred feet when the Zoo took over Wyandots land and re-branded it.

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The Tilt is in good shape.Is already on location up at the park. The Park will be changing it's name to Funtimes Fun Park.The owners just bought it a few years ago and want to bring back a family park to the area. This is really a nice thing happening. You can find a lot of info on this page.

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All I see is a family rec center type place with a couple of waterslides. There are plenty of facilities of this type all around Northeast Ohio.

Yes. It is small. There is room to grow and the goal is to get larger. Everything has to start somewhere. It's an affordable time to spend with your family. This place has things a family can do together.

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What, does Dorney already have one?

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My local Chuck E Cheese will get a used Tilt a Whirl before Michigan's Adventure.

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