Former Disney employee accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars charged only with misdemeanors

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Disney World accused a Magic Kingdom vacation planner of stealing nearly $34,000 over two years from the company, but she wasn’t charged with a felony or sentenced to any jail time following a Sheriff’s Office investigation, records show. Ultimately, the woman was charged with two misdemeanors. The woman pleaded no contest in October to petit theft and was placed on probation for 12 months.

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Remember when this story first surfaced and we were all like, "Duh, of course they got caught." Apparently that's not enough in Flori-duh.

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Maybe Disney doesn't hate her anymore after she was able to add $34,000 to her bank account?

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I have never heard the term petit theft before and assumed it was a typo, but luckily I googled it before mocking Jeff.


Florida does have people camping out for concert tickets....I mean vaccines.

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Something about us being terrible at risk management.

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