Food and beverage offerings enhancing theme park experience, with Disney leading

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In the last two decades, food and beverage offerings have become an increasingly important part of the amusements business. And the Walt Disney Co. is the one that’s led the charge in delivering innovative and delicious meals, snacks and drinks to parkgoers.

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Remember when Dick Kinzel once said on an earnings call that "people gotta eat?" For the most part, people in that era expected mediocre to crappy food at the parks. Not having good food, in retrospect, was a missed opportunity. If I can get stuff that's better than typical fast food, not only do I not mind paying more, but kind of expect it. The food festivals have really changed my thinking on this. Beyond Disney and SeaWorld, Cedar Fair has dabbled in this, and I think some of the Six Flags have too. But some parks have consistently had good food too, like Holiday World's Thanksgiving stuff.

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My family still talk about food in the Thanksgiving restaurant at Holifay World even though they haven’t been in 8 years.

no one talks (favorably) about the food at Six Flags.

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