Flying Turns about ready to fly?

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As seen yesterday...

Front car body installed, complete with seat belt and decals! Reportedly was cycling all day. Thanks to my pal Kevin for the photo and information.

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I hate to say it, but I'll believe it when I see it. I'm hoping for success, but there comes a point where it's hard to be rationally optimistic.

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Agree completely. I hope it works out, but anytime I hear hope of it actually opening it just kind of goes in one ear and out the other... I just feel bad for the park that they invested so much time and money and have nothing but an expensive lawn ornament to show for it... So far.

Exactly. When do you cut your losses and move on. Not sure when construction began, but the first pics on RCDB date to summer 2006. That makes this the 7th season that it has been "under construction".

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I was at that point two years ago, and honestly, I forgot about it. However, now that it's cycling, I'm a little more hopeful for...2015? *laugh*

In all seriousness though, when a ride is built, what is the testing procedure, especially for a new or rarely made ride like this one?

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Even without the years of delays, this ride type never sparked any interest on my part. All of the bobsled coasters I have been on have been meh. The only way I can see this being a success is if the height requirement is low enough for this to be a family attraction.

Ever been to King's Dominion? Avalanche is fantastic, because with a longer train to balance you out you do not need as many break runs. Since Flying Turns will have a longer train, I have hopes it too will be great.

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Interesting. The bodies are metal? Wonder if that keeps the vehicles from being as top heavy as the old ones.

I don't particularly find bobsled coasters amazing, or expect this one to be, but why do they have to be anything more than unique and fun rides? I've always anticipated Flying Turns to be just that.

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I don't know what they are trying to go for, but if it is supposed to be Air Force or even Army Air Corps, then the decal is on upside down.

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Noticed that as well. Oops.

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They're pentagrams.

On a more serious note (oops, insert winky above) - I will be thrilled to ride this WHENEVER it opens. Yes, it has had a ton of delays...but when the last Flying Turns coaster was operating, you could simply instruct people to keep their arms inside the train at all times and your butt was covered liability-wise. The delays have almost all been train-related.

What is this Flying Turns you all speak about? :)

I honestly forgot about this ride, but still not holding out much hope of it running before Disney reaches $200 for a daily ticket.

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I am approaching this purely from a business standpoint- I want to see a clear and express purpose for every capital expenditure. Having been on Avalanche and some other bobsled coasters (again, all pretty tame), I am of the opinion that the only saving grace for this never ending project will be if the ride allows for a low height requirement. They aren't building the next Voyage or El Toro here- ride expectations need to be realistic. But after 7 years of delays, this ride needs to be really good at doing something. I just don't think it's going to be in the thrills department.

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I think its saving grace will be if it opens.

My optimistic side tells me that enough nose has been applied to the grindstone that the grindstone has finally eroded.

My pessimistic side warns that FT has less chance of actually opening than Inigo Montoya did of finding a six-fingered man.

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There is a nostalgia angle, I suppose, but only if you're a Baby Boomer or older. My mom always spoke highly of the Flying Turns at Euclid Beach. Absent that nostalgia, I suppose it would be an interesting ride, but not one I'd go out of my way for.

Sidebar: The track seems like it would be extraordinarily expensive to maintain.

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I was thinking the same thing about maintenance. Both for material and daily inspections, it would be very consuming of both financial and manpower resources.


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Ensign Smith said:

My pessimistic side warns that FT has less chance of actually opening than Inigo Montoya did of finding a six-fingered man.

He did end up finding the six-fingered man, and avenged his father's death.

Seems like a weird analogy, though... ;~P

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Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

He thinks there slim chance Flying Turn could still open.

Yes, you just read that in Inigo Montoya's voice.

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Touchdown said:

Since Flying Turns will have a longer train, I have hopes it too will be great.

Will Flying Turns have a longer train? I thought they were going to be just what you saw in the photo or two cars at most.

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