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I have a question and if you know the answer please leave a comment as this has annoyed me for months and i could not find anything on the internet to help me so here we are. My question is why do b&m flyers not have normal loops like where the car is on the outside of the track instead of inside. I have a feeling because of the stress on the cars but then why are inverted coasters able to do that, it just puzzles me. Maybe it is to much force on the rider, I honestly have no clue. If you know the answer please comment below.

I’ll go with stress on the rider. The positive force is greatest at the bottom of the loop, and it’s easier handled on one’s back as opposed to facing down with restraints pressing into the body. I know I wouldn’t care for that. Swoop turns facing outward like that are stressful enough for me.
Some don’t care for a “loop” that starts at the top, but I like it. On B&M flyers the rider is face down at the top then dives head first, turning on the back at the bottom, then sitting straight up as the train climbs back up. On the Vekoma models the train flips over in advance of the loop, which is a standard loop shape. But once again the position of the body as it travels the loop is different than on rides where one is seated. I find both varieties quite disorienting.

An inverted coaster places that positive stress on the rider’s butt, which is also easier to take. Trains and track can be built to withstand any force, but the human body can not.

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It's a tough choice, but I think I'd rather my eyes burrow deep within my skull than to lose them somewhere on the midway below.

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Starry Sky Ripper is a B&M flying coaster with a vertical loop. And a crazy 540 degree zero g-roll-ish-thing.

Edit: this is also a loop on the inside, but yeah, something about g-forces. I think also maybe the size of the train cars wouldn't allow it to navigate all that well?

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Also it's just something different for variety.

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I think Tatsu Pretzel Loop is already rather intense.

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I've always thought it had something to do with forces on the rider. I can't imagine riding on the outside of a loop with all the g-forces on my torso pressing against the shoulder restraint. When you are on an inverted coaster, you are pulled into your seat, and your butt can take the forces better.


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That makes sense Travis- just sitting stationary at 1G on the brake run on the B&Ms in the prone position isn't very comfortable. Wouldn't want to go much more than that personally.

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LostKause said:

...your seat, and your butt can take the forces better.


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Only through extensive riding has my butt adapted to taking the forces better.

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