Fly to The Moon simulator 3D film coming to several Six Flags Over Texas and Great Adventure

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FLY ME TO THE MOON - 3D, a ride simulation based on the animated feature film releasing this summer, features the voices of Kelly Ripa, Christopher Lloyd and Nicolette Sheridan and will be the featured attraction at 3D theaters at Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, NJ and Six Flags Over Texas, in Arlington, TX. The fact based fictional film follows three teenaged flies on an incredible adventure as they become part of history - stowing away inside the space helmets of Commanders Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on the Apollo 11 mission that marked America's first manned landing on the moon.

Read the press release on Yahoo.

So I take it that means no more Spongebob at SFGAdv then, huh? Thank goodness!
Is there more than one Six Flags Over Texas?

I saw this in Scandinavia at two different parks last year. It's OK, it should do well with the kids. It's about time they got rid of Spongebob.

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