Florida Vacation #6 of 6 - Islands of Adventure and Ihop

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I have been wanting to go to Islands of Adventure for a long time. Today (8-28-2006) was my big day.

Let me say a few things about "US" before we get into it. Just the usual reminder that I am one of "you" – Preflux, my son, is 8 with a 46" height. He wants to do the thrills, but he can reach them yet. Also – he gives out under the heat. Mother Fluxer, is a non rider.

We checked out of the hotel, bought the discount tix and headed for breakfast at the Ihop at International Drive before hitting the park. By now it's 11 AM. At the I-Hop, there is a series of plaques from the mid 1990 to the early 2000s congratulating one person, Mike. I asked who he was to the guy with the Mike name tag and he pointed to the guy next to him. I asked why he was slacking and hadn't won an award since 2002? "They discontinued the program." I'm sure the other employees in the store love you." "He's now the boss," the other Mike said.

By 12:05 we enter the parking lot and start heading up the ramp to the garage. You really can't see too much from there. Keep in mind, I wanted to be there for the rope drop. (Ah…traveling with the family…)

Then came the long walk (conveyer belt ride) to the park. Mrs. Flux was getting angry. She felt that the journey form the parking lot was the longest most annoying park of the vacation. There were 3 sets of conveyor belts and then a long walk through City walk to get to the park entrance. (I didn't mind too much…I was excited and taking it all in.)

Finally…Islands of Adventure. (I wanted to hug the sign on the rocky pole). First…Seuss Landing. Mother Fluxer is a kindergarten teacher. She loves Dr. Seuss. I love Dr. Seuss, but didn't want to spend my ½ day in kiddie land.

First of all…the themeing was INCREDIBLE. If Dr. Seuss were alive today, he would have been thrilled to see what this park did to his characters. I've heard how wonderful Universal / Islands of Adventure is with their themes, but this was breathtaking. She was crying a bit at how perfect it was. Then came the REAL Tears.

Cat In The Hat Ride – I loved it. It was fun and silly and followed the book perfectly. But there were about 4 or 5 full swings and Mom was panicking. She was about to hurl. She was dizzy, sweating, and unable to fully enjoy any of it. It affected her equilibrium for the rest of the day. Between the heat, the spinning and the unexpected thrills, Mom had it. Preflux liked it.

Seuss Carousel – Gorgeous! Fun! And the best part of it was that the music began to play off speed (slow) as it was winding down.

One Fish Two Fish – This is a fun ride that could catch on – even without the theme at parks across the country. A family flat where you get wet. GREAT IDEA! Not all of the fish were spraying, but those that were, got you wet, but not soaked. Cute soundtrack too.

Seuss Train Ride – Pretty – Slow, Entertaining.

Book Store – Here is where you could buy quite a few books, but the Grinch walked in and was funny in a non-Disney sort of way…First he began to wipe his behind with T-Shirts that were on display. When I asked for a photo, he made animated impatient gestures by tapping his foot and looking at his watch that were priceless. The Disney characters are great…but this was great in a different way. A more mature way. A cynical way…which is exactly how the park is advertised.

We also got a photo of Preflux with Thing 1 and Thing 2…it was right by the place called if I Ran The Zoo. (OK, I'll stop doing that).

If I Ran The Zoo – was a fun place with small attractions that showed attention to detail. There was a toddler play trough with a small river and a shower that flows…to a actively working thing called: Tic Tac Joe. (Even if you lose, which I purposely did, he tells you I hope you had fun.) Attention to every detail. Preflux didn't want to leave the water trough.

All in all we spent 3 hours at Seuss Landing. On to Super Hero Island…

Instantly the theme changed and we were in a universe where super heroes could live. The music was rocking, there was a "big city feel" and Seuss-land was a memory.

Spiderman – I have been on quite a few dark rides…but there is no reason why this attraction shouldn't have a Golden Ticket. Preflux doesn't know too much about Spiderman, but the que through the newspaper office was very cool and the attraction was perfectly themed with sights and sounds. Perhaps the highlight of the ride is the falling effect and Spidey catching you and when he smashes the water creature.

I am not a fan of the dark stuff…but this was pure brilliance.

One comment – my fault, not their's – if you wear glasses and go on this thing…make sure your glasses are clean. The goggles they give you were tight and it ruined a bit of my vision.

I was very proud of how pre just took it all in and realized it was "just a show." While we were in there,

Mrs. Reflux mentioned that the street was closed off and that some super heroes were came in on motorcycles. Pre got a photo with Wolverine (who didn't want to fight Pokemon, but warned my son to watch out for Sabertooth). We also got a photo with Captain America…who was cool, though he spoke with a British accent.

On To Tune Lagoon… Again…instant scenery change…new music…we were looking at the Sunday paper.

Popeye's Bilge Rat Barges…Easy story line…Bluto takes Olive…Olive is in trouble…Popeye gets Bluto in the end…everyone gets soaked. (Well done)

Dudley Do-Right. -> You know the storyline…Whiplash takes Nelle…Nelle is in trouble…Dudley and horse get Whiplash in the end…everyone gets soaked. (Well done)

Look, we've all been on these types of rides before…but the themeing and the attention to detail bring it up a few notches higher.

Start Heading Back…

Hulk Coaster – (Left rear seat) This ride is basically about the launch. (Start slow…then GO!) The ride seems to be moving faster than it is…and I wish it kept its speed throughout the course. There was a lot of shaking and a bit of head-banging…but nothing too extreme or forceful for that matter. I was a bit let down. I was expecting MORE.

Storm Accelerator – This is probably a ride that is better at night, as it was a nice lighting program that was wasted in the sunlight. I was turning the disc as hard and as fast as I could, but I just couldn't get it to spin fast. The announcer told us that "Magneto has been repelled." OK…I guess. Again, I was expecting a little more here.

Food – Noticeably Pricey. $2.50 for a bottle of water is close to 6 Flags' $3.00. The cookie I ate was $1.50. Popcorn for Preflux was near $2.50 and a mid-sized pretzel for mom was over the $2.00 mark.

Mom's comments – Unless you were in a restaurant, there was little respite from the sun. Shady seats were hard to find. The journey to and from the lot was unbearable. The theme of Seuss land was perfect.

Preflux comments – I'm hot. I want to swim. Where is the pool?

My comments – I think it was either Jeff or Moosh who once posted…that we shouldn't rush through this place. Take it in. See it all. Whoever it was, was right. Time and family issues were against me, but man oh man could I have had some serious fun if I were on my own here.

Food and drinks prices were noticeably high, but the themes and were perfect.

The guy in the gift shop gave us perfect directions to the airport…which brought us back home.

Thanks for reading all of this…Or some of it and for your comments.

Thanks also to everyone who helped me (us) with the planning stages of this trip. *** Edited 8/30/2006 6:02:58 PM UTC by Richie Reflux***

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No Dueling Dragons or Jurasic park? No Possidons fury or Pirate show?

you really do need to go back and take it all in.

Chuck, who thinks you could visit this park a dozen times and still find new stuff every time.

I ran out of the limited time that I had. Remember...I was "riding for 3...not only me." I never even made it to Universal.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

LOL, I never made Universal either. I was going to spend the night and have a half day at Universal before heading home. Well a 7 inch snow storm in atlanta told me I better start heading back that night.

Im not sure where you stayed on this trip but I get Park/hotel offers for Universal/Citywalk all the time that are quite reasonable. Like 200 for both parks and three nights.

I found the parking and entry way fascinnating at US/IOA. The moving walkways took many minutes off what could be a long journey and if you walked on them while it moves you got there three times as fast.


Go back to my first TR from the week...Florida vacation #1. It's all about the Nick Hotel. That's where we stayed.

We SHOULD have stayed at Disney for a couple of days, Hard Rock for a day or two and then a box hotel (Hampton, Holiday Inn, and the like) for the rest.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

We did pretty much that same trip back in 2004.

You can avoid the long walk by using Valet parking. It was $18.00 + tip but very well worth it!

Suess Landing was one of our favorite areas as well.


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In my opinion (because I'm pretty obsessed with Jurassic Park), the JP section makes the park.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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Seuss landing totally rocks! Theodore Geisl's (sp?) widow had an AMAZING amount of input and rejection authority over that section of the park....and it shows. Spectacular work! :)

I've been on the Seuss High-in-the-Sky-Trolley-Ride a few times now, and am VERY impressed. Who knew there was so much theming no one ever really SAW...

Also, love Chuck's idea about WALKING while on the moving walkways....they should have signs to indicate you can do that! ;)

Most visitors do walk RIGHT by "If I Ran the Zoo". Glad you and Pre-Flux and *Mother Fluxer* (LOL) didn't make that mistake. Very cool, if well-hidden, attraction.

Mrs Geisl has a Iron grip on Suess. She had everything to do with aproval or not of all attractions and themery. Just as she did in Jim Careys Grinch movie.

The way it is supposed to be or not at all is her motto.

Oh and Im sure his wife don't every hear the Mother Fluxer or thered be hell to pay :)


I preferred Disneyland (California) approach to the parking garage. Have a big garage and instead of moving walkways, have trams bringing people within 200 feet of the parks.

Nice TR!

Seuss Land was easily my personal highlight from IOA. Great theming, unbelievable attention to detail, and lots of hidden little extras. I know those statements could go for the whole park, but it especially applies to Seuss land.

I also loved the Camp Jurassic playground. I feel no shame that me and my GF are 24, and spent about 1 1/2 hours in there. So much to see in there, constantly finding new tunnels, paths, and stuff to do.

Mother Fluxer???


Dude, you missed the best ride in the park (Florida) Fire dragon had me hoarse at the end of the day.

Fate is the path of least resistance.

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