Florida Vacation #3 - Character Breakfast and Magic Kingdom

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We had planned on one character breakfast. Since Preflux is a fan of Lilo and Stitch, we opted for the Polynesian Resort where we hit Ohana.

We drove to the resort and we had to show a photo ID at the gate. The guard gave us a parking pass good for three hours. We easily parked and went inside. What a gorgeous hotel. We ended up having a 20 minute wait and I used that time to admire the lobby and the grounds. Clean, impressive, not over the top. When it was our turn, the waitress called us "cousins" which is a popular term from the Lilo and Stitch TV show.

Disney is probably the best at character dining. The room was big, but cozy. There were four characters (Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stich) who were going around the room, one at a time, taking time at each table for a photo or an autograph.

Our waitress was an older woman who looked like she truly enjoyed what she did. She told us tat in a few months she will mark 35 years at Disney. Breakfast was what I would call a "Service buffet." Each table got a hot skillet with scrambled eggs, sausage, Mickey Waffles, bacon and seasoned potatoes. There was also a fruit plate and some breakfast rolls.

I asked if it would be possible to get potatoes without the seasoning. The waitress made it seem that it was her mission to do it and five minutes later…there they were.

Every 45 minutes, an announcement comes on to ask all of the kids to join in the parade. Maracas are handed out and the whole crowd, led by the characters conga around the restaurant. Photos were snapping, hands were clapping and somewhere in the back registers were ringing.

Mother Fluxer asked for a special request. She asked if Prefux could get a photo with both Lilo and Stitch. The waitress politely said that she didn't think it could be done because then everyone would want to do it and it would draw a crowd. She apologized three times.

Five minutes later a manager type approached the table and asked us to please follow him. He took us to a private area where Lilo and Stitch were waiting for us. [Nasty Side Comment: Hey Shapiro!…Are you listening?…People won't mind dropping 50 bucks for breakfast if you are going to provide service like this.]

The waitress was almost refusing a 20 percent tip. "You don't have to do this," she said.

I bought 3 (one day passes for Magic Kingdom only) for about $200 bucks at the hotel. I asked about the car and the lady said it won't be towed. On to the monorail and on to Magic Kingdom…

I won't go into too much detail about each thing we did. Just note that I am one of you. Preflux wants to be one of us, but his height and his stamina cause him to give out in the heat. Mother Fluxer is a non-rider.

Stitch's Great Escape – Mom was very nervous about the OTS restraints and thought the room might move. It ended up being just a cute show with some effects.

Space Mountain – In my opinion, aside from Ka and Dragster, there isn't a lift hill that compares to the blue light sequence of Space Mountain. So easy, so cool, mesmerizing and fun. I think it's the best part of the ride. Preflux and I thought some of the projections looked like chocolate chip cookies. He also loved the long conveyor belt out. Big Fun and comfortable to ride too.

TTS (People Mover) – All of us liked this smooth ride.

Orbiter – OK, but the RotoJets at Knoebles is much better.

Carousel of Progress – Someone had a crying baby with them on the entire ride. Reflux was bored. Mom and I loved it and appreciated the new additions.

Buzz Light Year – I was never on a shooting ride. Only I shot. Mom went on and turned the car. Pre just watched. I wish I knew the point value of each target. It was hard to aim and know what I was near. The ride stopped twice along the way. Cute.

Thunder Mountain – Three Lift Hills! A very unusual que for flash pass riders. A few leg bumps on the hills. A glorified mine train.

Splash Mountain – I don't fully understand the storyline, but the ride is a hoot and there's more after the big splash.

Country Bear – I hope they never change this show. It's just like an animatronic Hee Haw. Ya gotta love how the spotlight on Big Al gets wider. Perfect! Even the non country fans liked it. And it was Air conditioned!

Pirates – I've never seen the movie(s) but they got him nailed. Pre loved it.

Small World – Another ride that should NEVER be messed with. It was nice to see the world so happy and peaceful…if only for 5-7 minutes. (The ride op waved and smiled at each boat)

Tiki Room – Cool but silly. I could swear during the pre-show that one of the birds is Don Rickles. By the way…somewhere there must be some visitors upset of how their deities are portrayed.

Jungle Cruise – Will the Rhino ever get the guy in the end. Our guide's spiel was full of puns which made it a bit more enjoyable.

Dinner At Tomorrowland – (Cosmic Rays) Typical Park Fast Food…good but expensive.

Spectral Magic Parade…I've seen most of it before, but it's still a nice event. We were planted in front of the castle. Big Bad Wolf gave me a high five.

Fireworks – Outstanding this year. There were a few though that the castle was actually blocking, but the finale was perfect.

Ending…EVERYONE EXITS THE PARK AT THE SAME TIME — EN MASS - DOWN MAINSTREET…yet no none was trampled. We took the monorail back to the Polyneasean Hotel and our car was still there.

SIDE NOTES: - Disney really gave each of us a nice time. There were enough slow rides and attractions for Mrs Flux to do and yet she had a break while Pre and I went on "our things."

Did you ever see the birds that are native to central Florida. Beautiful! Speaking of wildlife? What's up with the small lizards that are running around everywhere? They are fast and too numerous to count.

I had to make a stop to guest relations. Most of the people in front of me were not complaining. They were asking questions about ticket upgrades, asking for directions, and trying to book hotels. NOT ONE COMPLAINT!

As the people were leaving in droves at the end of the night…there was not one unhappy face in the crowd. (Some young ones were sleeping, but all in all tired and happy people). Not one case of line cutting or smoking out of place.

Disney still has it! Well done and well worth what we spent! *** Edited 8/30/2006 5:33:53 AM UTC by Richie Reflux*** *** Edited 8/30/2006 3:18:45 PM UTC by Richie Reflux***

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Excellent TR. Disney is one of the few parks I can go to and do everything Ive already done and not be disappointed, it just has the magic.

If you ever get a chance, try Ohana for dinner. I was there in Feb and plan on going back in 2 weeks. It was easily one of the best meals Ive ever eaten in my life. How can you go wrong with 5 different types of meats.

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The Tiki Pre-Show birds are indeed voiced by Don Rickles and the late Phil Hartman.
For the point values on Buzz Lightyear, generally the more difficult to hit and further away a target is, the more points it is worth. That ride does seem to stop a lot. On my last visit to WDW, I rode it 7 times and I think it stopped on at least 3 different rides.

I agree about the story line with Splash Mountain. I have wondered why Disney would build an e-ticket based on a movie that hardly anyone has seen and most likely will never seen by a large majority of riders (since it seems like Disney will never release Song of the South on home video due to the backlash they would probably receive).

Sugart said:

If you ever get a chance, try Ohana for dinner. I was there in Feb and plan on going back in 2 weeks. It was easily one of the best meals Ive ever eaten in my life. How can you go wrong with 5 different types of meats.

Agree 100%. Ohana is my 2nd favorite dining experience ever right, behind the Omakase at Iron Chef Morimotos' in Philadelphia. This says a lot because Ohana is VERY reasonably priced ($25 or so) for what you get. I thought it was even better than the Luau. The meats are the best you’ll ever eat and the service in amazing.

Everything at the Polynesian is very well done, probably my favorite WDW resort even though it’s not the most grand. The themeing is spot on and not over the top. When out on the grounds, it’s tough to not feel you are in the middle of a Hawaiian Island. Plus the staff is amazing, and you feel right at home being a cousin to them ;).

You think WDW's Splash has a hard-to-follow story, try Disneyland's! (Though the DL Rabbit's Lament scene, missing in WDW's version, is probably the best scene story-wise in either.)

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