Florida Trip 4-06 4-12- 02 (Long)

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Monday, April 15, 2002 11:40 AM
I spent a whole week in Florida hitting Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Here are the highlights.

Epcot: A nice park, but not much on the thrill ride aspect. Test track is pretty cool, but I wish that the fast part was a little longer. Overall the park was not that crowded.

Universal: This was my first trip to this park, and I enjoyed it pretty much. I was disappointed with MIB and I did not feel that it was worth all the hype. The other attractions were extremely well themed, and I got the impression that this park liked fire, as about every attraction used it in some way.

Magic Kingdom: The park was pretty crowded, but it was a great day to become a little kid again. Space Mountain is a fun wild mouse because it is really dark in there and you can't see where you are going.

MGM: Another great park. Rock N Roller Coaster has a decent launch in it and there are no problems with headbanging with the over the shoulder restraints. Tower of terror is a mild drop, but has cool theming.

IOA: What a park! This was my second trip to this park and it is still as fun as ever. My only complaint was with Dueling Dragons. The crew had slow dispatches and only ran two trains on each side. When I was there previously they ran three trains a side (I think) without stacking, and there was no one in the park. Spiderman is still the coolest ride that I have ever been on. Technology is amazing isn't it? Hulk was running great. I love feeling all those G's that that ride has. This park has the best theming of any one around and really offers so much without many coasters.
All in all, this was an extremely fun trip and I left with positive impressions of all the parks, with many good memories.


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