Florida governor calls theme park openings a success story

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In a roundtable with theme park executives in Orlando on Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis touted the parks’ success in restarting operations and welcoming back guests during the coronavirus pandemic.

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If you're limiting yourself to on-property theme park stuff, I'd personally consider it pretty darn safe regardless of the dumpster fire the rest of Florida is

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I would suggest that even the rest of the dumpster fire isn't all that bad in terms of the whole Coronavirus thing. (I mean, it's still Florida, so it sucks by default, but...)

Like I said in the coronavirus thread, real life has consistently been far less scary than the screens in my life and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Miami (one of the hottest of hotspots) was doing when were were there earlier this month.

And having further done an amusement park visit since then, I'd feel entirely ok with a park visit at this point...even in Florida.

(There's no denying that masks and hot amusement park activity are a ****ty mix, but it is what it is, I guess)

But for one stand out example in a Menchies Fro-Yo where I walked out right away, I've yet to experience anywhere in Central Florida not doing it right. Even my experience at Fun Spot was better than what many have reported. Save for a sporting event, concert or theater event, I can't think of anything I wouldn't do at this point. And if any of those opened up in the same manner as everything else I'd absolutely go.

Heck, I'd go to places like theme parks with far fewer restrictions that what's currently there.

I would do most things with far fewer restrictions than what there is currently.

As long as there are enforced mask mandates, capacity restrictions, and a way for people to spread out I really can't think of anything I'd steer clear of right now other than a college campus.

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Bars. I would not go to a bar.

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I guess that wasn’t even on my radar since, theoretically, they are still closed here in Central Florida.

I agree with that one.

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Honestly most of the rules/polices in place are what I wish we always followed out in public. Being able to have space around me when I go out and not having smelly, sweaty people pushing up against me in a line or being close enough that they are a distraction from what is happening has been great. I went to my local Cinépolis movie theater the other day and it was fantastic with their social distancing rules. Nobody even remotely close by to annoy the sh*t out of me while I enjoyed Back to the Future. So while I want Covid to go away now, lets stretch out some of these new polices as long as we can.


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That would be nice but there are people who still insist on not paying attention to where they're standing.

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Also, I'm sure cost cutting measures to chase the almighty dollar will force increases in customer density as soon as it's allowed.

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ApolloAndy said:

Also, I'm sure cost cutting measures to chase the almighty dollar will force increases in customer density as soon as it's allowed.

Relatedly, the major airlines all announced a "permanent" end to ticket change fees. That makes sense in the moment, because no one feels comfortable planning too far in advance right now. So, marketing flexibility is likely to help with overall cash flow. How long will this customer-friendly policy last, though? My guess: not very long, but your guess is as good as mine.

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