Hi Everyone! Two friends and myself each saved up 3,000$ from the past couple years. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some of the main attractions in florida. I know Disneyworld and Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. But i wanted to know if there are more than just that. So if anyone could give me any info. then thanks!
^How long of trip are you planning and when? In the offseason you can get a lot in, but in the busy season, I don't think you could do much more (than the parks you listed) with $3,000 in a week.
Depends on how long the trip is. If you have a lot of time, Cypress Gardens isn't a bad stop. You need to research and see if you and your friends want to visit all of the Disney parks, or visit a certain one (note that all have major rides). Busch Gardens is my home park and is probably in my top three parks I have ever visited. Every coaster (even Scorpion) satisfies and the atmosphere is clean. You forget that you are in the tenth largest city in the country. Along with Kumba, Montu, and Sheikra (you will find out about them), be sure to hit Cheetah Chase, Kotonga, and the Scorpion at Busch Gardens.

Universal is an excellent visit, just be ready to spend A LOT of money going to both Disney and Universal. If you want to be more specific, visit Islands of Adventure. The Hulk and Dueling Dragons are there, along with Spiderman and a trio of excellent water rides. Pretty much everything there was built in 1999 when the park opened. Universal Studios has rides that are severely outdated, save the Mummy.

Seaworld is a notable stop if you like shows and themeing. Kraken is the only large coaster you will find, so if that is priority save your sixty bucks a pop.

Oh, and if you have time while in Tampa, honk your horn at the entrance to USF (I will hear it) and visit Malibu (the best go-karts around).

60% of the time it works every time.

Tampa= Busch Gardens Africa and USF BULLS COUNTRY=pretty much the coolest place ever
..except for Cedar Point
..and Boston

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