Flight of Fear Fire at KI

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Wow, crazy. Glad to hear everyone is okay. That's a bad thing to happen on any ride, much less an indoor coaster. I wouldn't count on either of the FoF clones at CF parks to be operating in the very near future.

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The article says nothing about a fire on the ride.

A motor inside the building began smoking and quit when it was turned off.

Not a good situation. But it wasn't a fire.

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I don't know, Gonch. After all, this is not the first time a ride has malfunctioned and raised my personal threat level to at least orange.

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Do you mind if I smoke?

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I've heard we're going to have to start taking our shoes off before riding, as a precautionary measure.

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In other news, nothing actually happened.

Here's to the asshats at WCPO who mention in the story Son of Beast, a malfunction that has nothing to do with anything.

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"It was kind of scary, I guess."

I think that sums up the story pretty well. Although, I'm not sure if this person was talking about the ride in general or the smoke.

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In the TV news article they mention the girl who smelled smoke or a gas smell, no worries, she just went to another ride afterwards..no need to tell anyone operating Flight of Fear..

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