Flight of Fear

Is Flight of Fear at PKI completly dark throughout its course?  The layout looks very twisted and crazy.  How do you who have ridden this coaster like it?
Its not completely dark, but pretty dark. 

The only way to describe the ride now is....insanity.  Its wild beyond belief. 

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Best ride there, IMO.
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Last weekend at PKI (Nov 4) the work lights were all on.  I had a video camera with me, but it was not accesible in time to capture the unique POV opportunity.  Man those clearances are TIGHT.

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Yeah it;s one wild ride alright!
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Take a look at any jokers jynx pictures. I belive they have extremely simmialr if not the same layout.
gotta agree...FOF at PKD is awesome now with the lapbars.  i think it would be the BEST coaster there if they were to turn out all the lights...that would ROCK!!!  but yeah, the layout is great..im not sure about PKI, but on our FOF there is a way to much stop on the mid course brakes..other than that its a great ride :)
My last ride on FoF at Fear Fest was a "lights out" experience.  It is very disorienting and the best ride on it i ever had.
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The mid-course brakes on KI FOF were off all season long (or at least every time I went)
I'm not positive, but pretty sure JJ, Poltergeist and the FOFs all share the same layout.  Get the horrendous OTSRs off, and you'd have four fantastic coasters!  I do prefer the "lights-out" versions, but I'd definitely add some fog machines...more strobes...and some scary other-worldly noises.  The clearances ARE pretty tight!
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Since we are talking about these Premeir rides, I have a question about them. On No Limits, is Dark Abyss supposed to be a FOF clone? I have never ridden one, but it looks like Jokers' Jinx does in pictures.
The lighting on PKI's version of FOF differs even from hour to hour.  For instance season pass holders get in to certain attractions an hour before the general public at PKI.  During July this summer we took advantage of this and found the lights completely out on FOF but returned one hour later after the GP had entered the park and they had turned on some of the lights.  (The ride is MUCH better in complete darkness.)  The lighting just differs from day to day but I believe that PKI didn't turn on FOF's mid station brakes once this season, at least every time I rode it they weren't one (at least 35 times).  Just an extra little note, a friend and I also visited PKD this season and rode FOF.......we felt that the PKI version was MUCH better.....first off PKI had maintained the theming excellently, PKD's was dirty and paint/sticker stuff on the UFO ship in the queue was peeling off.....it looked really bad.  PKD's also had on the midstation brakes very heavy......it makes the last corkscrew so much less enjoyable.  Still a good ride overall just not quite up to PKI standards.  
I went into the PKD FOF with my 'script sunglasses on. It was so impressive, I had to get one of those last launches out the Volcano with the dark glasses on, too. FOF in that much extra darkness made a world of difference. I didn't mind the brakes, the noise and change of pace was almost confusing, and added a little something else to the ride. Although, I'd rather rip through the last little part.
Are the clearances so tight that a tall person could bump their hands if they had their hands up?
FOF is the only coaster that I am afraid to put my hands up on it is so insane.  I really doubt you could hit your hands though it so looks liek you would though, that coaster is nuts.
Does CCI know how to make a bad coaster?
I had my hands way up high when I rode. Hitting inversions with the hands up is something I enjoy, and since it's dark, I just let 'em stretch. I'm fairly tall, and it was not even a thought at the back of my mind. I'm sure there would be a height restriction if it were a threat(?), otherwise, IMO, it's like that one support on MF.
I was there last weekend as well, and it was pretty crazy riding it with the work lights on...although, I prefer it with them off.  All in all, it's a sweet ride...also, be sure to hold your hands up in the final cork, it's insane.



first off PKI had maintained the theming excellently, PKD's was dirty and paint/sticker stuff on the UFO ship in the queue was peeling off.....it looked really bad


Wow, that is surprising,  PKD's must be REALLY bad, b/c I think PKI's theme has gone to the pits!
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It's a great ride...I rode it when it had the OTSH and it was pretty rough but I think with the lap bars it must be really cool...however I think the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is the best, it's amazing...the best indoor coaster ever...

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They try to keep the one at PKI dark all the time but sometimes they forget to turn the lights off.  I rode it about 20 times this year and the lights were only on once.  It's a GREAT ride, the propulsion is awesome. 

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