Flat Rides Vs. Roller Coasters

Thursday, September 6, 2001 10:42 PM
Could the industry and/or enthusiats trends stay with roller coasters, or will we see more thrilling flat rides?

The Flat Ride industry seems to be making quite a charge in the amusement industry. I have kindled a love for flat rides recently. And some of them I have been on have been much more intense than some coasters I have been on!!

God Bless Theme Parks!

Friday, September 7, 2001 4:04 AM
I have developed a "fear" of the flat rides that we call "spin & pukes."  It's due to my aging...I can get that awful nauseous feeling that I never got in my younger days.  And some of the new flat rides certainly are not flat...you can't verbally describe them to someone, they move, turn, flip, flop so many times in so many directions!  You just have to see'em to believe 'em!

But:  I recently took Bonine (a long ago thread discussed motion sickness), had not eaten "fully" in more than an hour, and went on a ride I "lived" on as a kid: TiltAWhirl.  I know, not a new generation ride, but it can certainly make me nauseous.  Well, the Bonine worked!  I felt like a kid again, my 14 yr old son was with me, we whipped around tremendously and repeatedly (experienced TiltAWhirl riders know what I mean), I embarrased my son I was laughing/hooting/hollering so much.  I figure if Bonine worked on that, there is hope for me to get on these new generation rides (well, some of them).

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