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I'd also reiterate the Gold FP being best. A friend of mine always buys the platinum so she can do two rides in a row, but for all except a few times, I've never felt I had to wait in line for much of anything with just the gold FP. If you get a system down, you can already have your second lap booked and ready for reservation by the time you've finished your first lap. Plus, GrAdv isn't known for attempting to fill all seats on rides, so sometimes you still get to ride again in a different seat (actually, I've had attendants tell me I could just stay on certain rides as long as no one came to my row). I wouldn't waste the extra cash.

Small tip: My rule of thumb is if the El Toro line is to the churro stand in the switchbacks, get a Flashpass.

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I've gone to Great Adventure more times the last 2 years than i care to share, but not one time did i buy fastpass. My thing is just don't get stuck at Superman or Green Lantern. Unless ur in the front of the group as people charge to there respective rides i suggest heading to Nitro Area first. Bizarro area won't open up until 11 but if u get over there when then first start you can get in 4-5 rides before getting off. I've never waited for toro longer than 15 mins when going in May, The longest waits now are Superman and King da Ka. King da ka just because Zooimanjaro slows it down, Superman because its a Flyer and is slow as **** loading and unloading

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Last summer, I bought a Platinum fast pass at Great America and they told me I'd have to leave my license. My first thought was "great, how am I supposed to buy beer?"

Then, they said I didn't need to because I was a pass holder and they had all my info on file with that.

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Phillies2 said:

...The longest waits now are Superman and King da Ka. King da ka just because Zooimanjaro slows it down...

I've been interested in hearing more about Kinda Ka's operations and how Zoomanjaro affects it. Are they still trading off dispatches? It's like, a permanent way that they are operating the ride now?

And if that is true, how much are the two rides affected, as far as capacity goes?

And, if this is how it works, am I the only person who thinks that building Zoomanjaro was a colossal mistake? Closing Kinda Ka down for half of the season last year, and now this, seems like an epic fail on the part of the park.


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It's more of an Intamin failure than a park failure.


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I thought the failure was the State of NJ and their (mis)communications with the park. IIRC...

The park thought it had communicated that intention, to run them together, to the State of NJ (notoriously bad rep in the industry, potentially worse than CA) and presumably gotten some sort of verbal approval before proceeding with the ride. The park built Zumunjaro, and indicated to the public they'd run simultaneously - weren't there even promo videos showing that very thing? Then, the Garden State came back after the construction and said they wouldn't let the park run them together. The State insisted on electrical connections to prevent them from running simultaneously (at the cost of operations and expense to the park).

I know we have some folks here who can *basically* confirm or deny the above version, within tolerances... ;~)

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But they even added more supports to the tower to help with the added load, I recall. And the drop ride has a roof over the riders, as I recall. What is the reason that the state will not allow both rides to run at the same time? All kinds of safeguards and modifications were implemented.

And why hasn't the park taken legal action against the state?

It's an interesting topic that we haven't discussed much.

Legal action to what end? Government bodies have liability limits, so the ends probably wouldn't justify the means.

Travis, as far as I know, that little roof is just that: little. I'd imagine that projectiles could still easily peg riders. I think the drop tower along with a huge forceful coaster was a stupid idea for capacity, and I gotta say, I feel it was a bad idea safety wise. I'm not surprised NJ refused to let them run together. Just prevents all sorts of problems down the road. I can't imagine what legal recourse Six Flags would have, as the state could simply say SF either didn't understand WHAT permissions they had been granted or that the state further reviewed the plans and felt that there were safety risks that they had not previously considered (in essence, they changed their minds, and they're allowed to do that).

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To shift this discussion a little bit, what about for SFMM. I'm going to be going on a Friday in mid June. Looks like x2 is extra, and I can only add on Superman and Full Throttle with a Platinum Flash pass.

What ride should I do at rope drop (assuming twisted colossus isn't open.)

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