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Disney has a deal for FL residents: $109 to go in all 4 parks. So, I went to all of them (except Magic Kingdom). I hadn’t been in 6+ years (and in the case of EPCOT, 20 years!). Most of the attractions aren’t new, so I’ll keep my thoughts very brief:

Mission Space- The forces were pretty intense. But it wasn’t worth the gazillions they spent on it. It’s hardly a classic ride that you wanna ride again and again. And it isn’t the definitive “space attraction” that I thought it would be.

Honey I shrunk the audience- Oh, my God! This was so bad! What a snoozefest! Not nearly as entertaining as Muppet Vision 3-D or It’s tough to be a bug.

Test Track- I would’ve enjoyed this more had the ride not stopped for 2, 10-minute intervals in different parts of the ride. It interrupted the flow of the ride. Enjoyable, but again, not something I would want to ride again.

Mad Mouse coaster at Animal Kingdom (can’t remember the name)- fun, but surprisingly violent. It made me cringe, seeing such a carnival ride at Disney.

Kali River Rapids- I love raft rides and this was a soaker, which I like too. Otherwise, the storyline was nonexistent (the first third of the ride has scorched forests, but no narration or anything, so it’s just ugly). The worst thing about is that it’s anti-climactic- the big drop occurs 2/3 of the way in- after that, it’s boring. Very poor design.

By the way, I’ve never seen so many signs for a park exit like I did at Animal Kingdom. The most excitement I saw at the park was for Expedition Everest. The construction looks amazing, with the track dropping into oblivion.

Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster- When I was riding it, I thought this is how Space Mountain should be. But I would’ve expected more than cheesy glow-in-the-dark signs. I think they could’ve done something like Peter Pan’s ride, where you realistically go over the landscape.

Tower of Terror- still a masterpiece. Their new drop sequence is amazing- loads of extreme airtime. I haven’t been on Revenge of the Mummy, but I think this is the best theme park attraction ANYWHERE.

Since I hadn’t been to the park for so long, this was my first experience with the FastPass system (watching it, not using it, as I didn’t have the luxury to come back several hours later. I was on a mission: just hit the new rides and go to the other parks). I was trying to be open-minded about it. I’m all for efficiency and no lines. However, for every 20 fastpass users, they let 1 “stand-by” guest in (no joke). For some of the attractions, the stand-by line didn’t move for 30-40 minutes! It was a very frustrating experience.

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It looks like you were just looking for negative things.

We went for the first time in feb, and had a great time.

I do have to agree with you on the fast pass system though, we waited in a 30 min wait for peter pan when the actual line was short.

I agree any ride in Animal Kingdom sucks, you aren't the first perso nto dislike the Kali Rapids ride, but I think the entire rest of the park is incredible. There isn't one bad ride I wouldn't go on in the rest of the park.
Animal Kingdom may be a touch lacking in the thrill ride department - until Everest anyway -but it's got a great "feel" to it. Personally I prefer it to all the concrete, glass and steel of Epcot which, in my opinion, doesn't have a decent ride in the entire park (although I concede that Test Track is a great family attraction).

518 coasters ridden but who's counting...............?
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For us, Animal Kingdom is #4 of the 4 parks. We spent a total of 4 hours there during our 4 day stint in March. It's not the lack of thrill rides, we just didn't care for the limited attractions. There are some cool things to do, though.

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