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August 7th, 2003

Ahh, yes my first trip to friend and I started our trip with Knott's Berry Farms, about a 20 minute drive from my friend's cousin's condo (in Huntington Beach for all you residents). Knott's Skyline rocks, with the Sky Tower, PP, and Xcelerator all istanding out in their glory.

We arrived right at 10 o'clock, I got my CP pass processed, while my friend grabbed his 43 dollar ticket (ouch!). We headed straight to Ghostrider. We practically walked on on the back seat. Ghostrider is an excellent, fast, fast, ride with a couple good drops and some amazing lateral-g turns. Ghostrider certainly fulfilled my expectations, but I'm an airtime junkie so it didn't exactly blow away any of my expectations. I guess I'm spoiled by the crazy airtime of ST and the Big Dipper. It was by far the best wood we would ride the whole trip.

My friend loves TTD, so he was dying to see what Xcelerator would be like. WE walked through Ghost Town (which looks wonderful, BTW) and headed over to Xcelerator. I really like the way Knott's loads full cars, rather than just individual rows because it makes the line feel faster in the station. The ride ops were pretty good, but not great. I couldn't believe it when the op didn't staple then I got really excited. Xcelerator got my blood moving just as much as TTD gets me going. The ride is all about the top hat. From the moment the train tiwsts upward, it's airtime city all the way to the bottom of the hill. I was speechless. While Xcelerator may not explode your brain the way TTD does :), the ride was reliable all day, and you don't get stapled.

Next up I hit Hammerhead, a flat ride that I didn't even realize Knott's had. The ride's loading cycle is incredibly long, but it is a unique flat ride with a pretty cool program.

We then headed into Fiesta Village and ate at Ms. Knott's Fried Chicken place or something. the meal wasn't great, but the price was good and I got some cool views of Montezooma and Jaguar(!). We waited just a few minutes in the cleverly designed queue and station. I like how Knott's makes each of their ride ops wear different outfits to correspond with their ride or section of the park. Jaguar! surprised me for a "kiddie" coaster and I even got a pop of airtime near the end!

We then went to Montezooma. The wait was pretty long, but we managed to only wait one train for the front because everybody crowds the back of the station. I should now mention that I HATE that station design because everybody crowds one side. Practically every ride in SoCal had it. I guess CP is the only park where the stations don't come in at one side (with the exception of a few rides). Montezooma may be old, but it still has some serious kick to it. The launch was very powerful, and those Schwarzkoph loops are awesome.

I skipped La Revolucion and we put on our bathing suits for Perilous Plunge. PP is an absolute monster, it is very impressive in person. After a short wait we were in the smelly boat, and stapled in. PP is by far the most extreme water ride that I have been on, not just because of the 80 degree drop, but because you get absolutely DRENCHED! Since we were so wet after PP, we decided to stan off to the side on the bridege just to see the boat come down. The moment the boat hit the water I could see that we underestiamted the size of the splash and we got drenched again! It was so awesome.

Supreme Scream had no wai, and we hit it twice. Just your typical S&S tower. SS ascends much faster than PT at CP and does not sit up top for nearly as long.

The last ride worth noting was La Revolucion, which my friend actually felt he had the stomach for. After two cycles we were in the fairly comfortable restraints and spinning away. Our side was at the bottom of the swing for the first half of the ride then we got to feel the top of the swing. Basically this ride delivers pure negative gravity. Every time I was completely floating out of my seat. I don't know how anyone can say this is just an average ride, it was absolutely insane (did I mention that I'm an airtime whore?, I want it anyway I can get it!).

My friend and I were very impressed by the amount of things that Knott's had to offer for such a small park. The employees weren't that fast, but they were EXTREMELY couteous and friendly. We hit Xcelerator three more times, and Ghostrider once more (not as good upfront) and left the park completely satisfied and ready for the Xtreme park!

Lastly I want to give a shoutout to coasterdude316. Thanks for putting up with my extremely fast mouth, and my Raging Bull bashing!

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Raging Bull bashing? Come on! Bull is one of the best coasters to be ruined by trims since Mantis! :)

You're right about Xcelerator, by the way. It is a completely amazing ride, and having done both that and TTD, I can say that TTD's future is really bright... When it becomes reliable.

I went to Knott's for the first time last February (the day before Solace!) and I was thoroughly impressed with it. With Xcelerator, PP, Ghostrider and Supreme Scream, I really think it can compete in the area.

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Craig, glad you had a great time! I love Ghostie, and I'm glad you got both front and back. Isn't PP great? Yes, I never rode the old restraint system, but still.......... That is one wacked drop. ;) Did you get a back seat on Montie? You should of...

Did you hit other parks? Are you writing more TRs? Hope so........ :)

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Craig the Coaster Freak said: I want to give a shoutout to coasterdude316. Thanks for putting up with my extremely fast mouth, and my Raging Bull bashing!

Did I have a choice? If I didn't put up with it, I would have lost my place in line ;).

Good to hear that the rest of your day went great.

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Well, I do love V2 and Iron Wolf.... :)

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