First Trip to Astroland - 6/13

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I decided to go up to Astroland on Sunday (6/13) for the ACE Cyclone Appreciation Day. You can't beat P.O.P. wrist bands for $8.99 (It usually costs $21.99). My first impression upon arrival to Coney Island was that the place was kind of tacky. I was expecting this though, so it wasn't too bad.

Of course I headed right for the Cyclone after purchasing my wrist band. One thing I didn't like about the ride was how it's a free-for-all in the station. Once the train came in, whoever jumped in first got to ride. The fact that re-rides were given for $4 was also annoying. Sometimes almost half the riders would ride a second time. The ride itself is a good classic. I really liked it in the second or third row of a car. However, when I sat in a row above a wheel assembly the ride shook me up way too much. Also, the trains don't have enough legroom for someone tall like me.

After four Cyclone rides I rode the Pirate ship. The ride op didn't really know what he was doing. Fun ride (like most of these) in the back row.

Next, I rode Breakdance. All I can say is wow! Astroland gives an extremely long ride cycle. It also seemed a whole lot faster than any other Breakdance I've been on. I had trouble walking to the exit of the ride since I was so dizzy!

The Astrotower was the next ride I rode. I needed a relaxing ride after Breakdance. It gives a really nice view of the beach.

Then I took a spin on Power Surge. This was my first time on one of these things. Good ride but not as intense as it looks. Since I was riding it alone, the seat was tilted on it's side in the beginning and end of the ride. The seats could also use some more padding.

I decided to skip the Top Spin because of the crazy series of flips this was doing. I could just barely handle the Huss Top Spin at SFGAdv. This made that look like a kiddie ride.

I moved on to Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler. Same as other rides of this type, except with longer ride cycles.

By now I was quite hungry, so I walked over to Nathan's. Best hotdogs ever. No wonder they've been around since 1916.

Once my stomach was satisfied, I went back over to Cyclone for two more rides. I made sure to wait for a middle row of a car, which paid off with excellent rides. By now I had be leaving. My overall opinion of the park is that it has some good rides, such as Cyclone, but is not a place I'm in a real hurry to get back to. *** Edited 6/14/2004 7:17:25 PM UTC by person***

I was there Sunday as well. I love Coney Island. To me it feels more like a carnival than amusement parks. I love how the ride ops on the Cyclone yell at everyone to get out the second the train stops, or to stay on for the $4 re ride.

Did you happen to do anything at the other parks? I did the 3 dark rides, Dantes Inferno, SpookORama, and Ghost Hole. They are the probably the most gruesome ones out there.

The ElDorado Bumper Cars are alot of fun too. $5 for the first ride and $1 to stay on. They are probably my second favorite bumpercars, only behind the ones at Knoebels. The music and dance lights are alot of fun. While I was on it I hit someone into the middle divider and their car got hung up on mine! They don't stop the ride the ride ops just run out avoiding moving cars, hop on the back of moving cars and do what they have to do. "Bump, Bump your a$$"

I think the Top Spin at Astroland is the best I ever rode. Little did I know that the water fountains come into play on the ride. At one point they stop you with your head directly over the fountains, then they slowly rise until they are about a foot from your face and just stop. after a second or two the spray you in the face.

Did you do the Wonder Wheel? It's one of the best ferris wheels out there.

The Power Surge runs on crack speed compared to the one at Knoebels but I think the one at Knoebels is better for spinning.

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I must admit the area is a lil rough for non' New Yorkers. But their flats run some insane programs. I wish I had the millions to revamp the whole area to what it was in the past.

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Coasterpunk, I skipped the dark rides, bumper cars, and the Wonder Wheel.

I can handle any coaster out there (except Viper at SFGAdv and Vekomas), but for some reason dark rides just freak me out. When I went on a fairly tame one at Wildwood I screamed like a little girl the whole time. :) I guess I'm probably one of the few coaster enthusiasts that isn't also a dark ride fan.

I don't care for bumper cars that much either. The El Dorado bumper cars were the ones just outside of Astroland, right?

As for the Wonder Wheel, I didn't feel like paying to go on a Ferris Wheel. I probably should have though since it is really a unique ride. Oh well, Astroland had enough rides to keep me busy anyway without paying more than $9. (More money was spent on tolls to get there than on rides!)

I think the tolls and parking cost me around $35. Crossing the Verrizanio Bridge twice parking at the Aquarium, the NJ Turnpike and paying to get out of Jersey (the best $.75 I ever spent!)

I may have spent another $25 or $30 on the other rides. I figure I only go there once everyother year or so so I don't mind paying $4 or $5 a ride. It's basicly carnival prices.

I don't think Coney Island is that rough of a place (I could be wrong though) and I'm in the middle of nowhere near Knoebels. The only thing I hate is the traffic but I'm getting better with it the more I drive in bigger cities. I always have a tough time getting back onto the express way. They give you directions getting there but none to get back.

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