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Tuesday, May 27, 2003 6:43 PM
Finally after 5 months of waiting I was about to get my chance to go to my first park of the year, Kings Island. I got to Cincinnati early Saturday morning and spent most of the day napping, since we drove 6 hours in the early morning getting there. We went to the taste of Cincinnati which had awesome food, then headed to some mall which was boring. After a bad meal at Golden Corral I was off to bed for a great day of riding roller coasters only hours away.

The day started off with cloudy conditions and a low chance of rain. Since I thought it would be in the 70’s I decided to wear shorts, only later did I decide that, that was a bad idea. I got to the park around 9:25 and noticed the new metal detectors at the front gate, not surprising but still I guess safety is first.

Entered the park and went straight toward the Action Zone. It was then I noticed that the park was already pretty heavy will eagerly awaiting thrill seekers. I planned out my day to start off with delirium and make my way around Action Zone, but as the rope was unleashed and some heavy walking toward the delirium line the ride broke down. Not wanting to wait it out I headed over to Drop Zone for my first ride of the year. Here we go:

Drop Zone - 20 min wait - 1 ride

What can I say I loved this ride last year, and I loved this ride this year. My little sister who is 7 wanted to ride and since she is 48 inches and a thrill junky I took her on it. I was a little nervous because she really never rode a ride like this so I kept making sure she was alright with it. After our wait we were seated and noticed that they changed the seat belt, does anyone know why? Either way it was a great ride, short but sweet9/10

Then I noticed that Delirium was testing but my little sister wanted to ride something so we went to Top Gun.

Top Gun – 5 min wait – 1 ride

First roller coaster of the year, and I loved every little second of it. Short but again sweet, filled with great speed and g’s. This ride is everything a suspended coaster should be. 9.5/10

After that it was getting crowded in the Action Zone and we decided to go over and ride Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle.

Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle – 30 min wait – 1 ride

This is a great addiction to the park and was really done well by both Sally and the people at Kings Island. Me and my dad had a small bet, but me being the gamer I am won with a whopping score of 1650, anyone beat that? Really I don’t remember that much of what really happened during the ride all I cared about was hitting the targets and scoring. We bought the picture of me and my dad posing for the camera. 9/10

After that me and my brother decided to play some games and won a pretty big plush of Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants (Yes I love the show!) and then headed over to Tomb Raider:

Tomb Raider – 30 min wait – 1 ride

I love this ride! I rode it a few times during fright fest last year but omg this ride kicks serious butt. The theming is top notch the effects during the ride is great and the overall ride experience is one of a kind. Hanging over the “lava” is my favorite part as water is only inches from your face. Great ride! Great ride! Great ride!9.9/10

After a great ride on Tomb Raider I headed over to my favorite wooden coaster of all time (don’t forget SRM next week so that might change).

The Beast – 15 wait – 2 rides

I love this ride! I’m a beast fanatic, the beginning the end the middle all packed with surprises and great speed. Yes, the trims are on and yes they do take away from some of the beast’s charm, but overall it is still a great ride. The double helix finale is nothing short of amazing. I rode it during the day and of course came back for a night ride.10/10

Then it was off to Vortex, where some the rides started to get a little rough around the edges.

Votex – 20 min wait- 1 ride

Ouch! What happened to my beloved Vortex I left it last year with good feelings about it, but this season it changed. I was beaten up and thrown about like a rag doll. Maybe I just got it on a bad day or something who knows, but I hope they fix the roughness.5/10

After my painful experience on Vortex I was running out of time before I had to meet my family at the Festhaus, so I grabbed a quick ride on the Racer.

The Racer – 10 min wait – 2 rides

Some people like front more but I don’t know the back is just amazing. I cant believe this roller coaster is over 30 years old. Still a great ride but some roughness is still evident. Other than that the crew really needs to decide if they are going to race it or not because sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn’t.Front 7/10 Back 8.5/10

I ate at the Festhaus, and was actually surprised to eat a good cheeseburger there. Not bad. Then I spent some family time, with my family and went to the show called Slime Time which is a Nickelodeon show. This show is not intended for young adults so I thought it sucked. 2/10. – (only because my brother played on one of the games). After was seemed like an eternity the show was over and began to notice the sprinkles of rain heading down. Walked over to Sponge-bob 3-d and was greeted by the wait of 2 hours. Now I’m impatient and the line was almost out into the midway so I said no thank you and headed off for Flight of Fear.

Flight of Fear – 1 hour wait – 1 ride

Please change the video, please! I will sell off one of my kidneys for you to change it. The more I watch it the more I don’t even care to ride the ride at the end. Well I wont go that far, but its still bad. The ride is great as always and always thought flight of fear to be out of place right off coney mall area but oh well its still a kick butt ride and the lap bars are great. The first half of the ride is great, good speed nice inversion, but the second half is kind of weak because your just going around in circles, short ride but good.8.5/10

Then I headed over to Action Zone again and thought what the heck lets just go ride Son of Beast, by that time the rain was going a little steadier.

Son of Beast – 35 min wait – 1 rideOuch, ouch ouch ouch, went through my head during the whole ride. The only good news is that they were using 2 trains, but the new lapbars weren’t in yet. The ride hurts, especially during the first double helix. Just as painful as last year.6/10

I began to notice that it was gotten pretty chilly and since I only wore shorts and a tshirt I got pretty cold. I then headed to Delirium and decided to wait out the line that was a full quere.

Delirium – 45 min wait – 1 ride

Wow is the only thing I have to say about this ride, it truly is one of a kind. The speed is daunting and even though the rain stung my face, it was pure bliss. Looking upside down while at the very top is awesome and the ride is relentless. Its not scary at all but its just pure fun.10/10

After that I ate of Wings, good Ribs. Then headed off back to Spongebob 3-d because I was determined to see it.

Spongebob 3-d – 45 min wait – 1 ride

I loved the tv show its awesome, but sitting there listening to the theme to Spongebob over and over gets a little old. The ride was cute don’t get me wrong but could have been more funnier and during the final scene it was hard to understand the words, but other than that another good addition that makes Kings Island the best kids area in the world.8/10

After that I ran over to the beast for a final night ride, while my mom and my brother rode Tomb Raider. Overall the park was in top notch and even though I didn’t get a chance to ride Face/Off or the mine ride it was a great day at the park. Overall 9.8/10

Look out for my small trip report for SFKK in the next few days!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 6:59 AM
Nice Report! They changed the seat belts on Carowinds Drop Zone too. Im happy though because these are slightly longer and I know the ride ops so my friends and I ride with the seat belt and harness as far up as possible. GREAT FUN. I don't know how similar Carowinds Scooby is to yours but i got a 2460! beat that.

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