First TR, Michigan's Adventure 7/15 Long, no pics

First of all, I did 2 things that I don't normally do when going to amusement parks. I went on a Saturday, and the weather was sunny and warm. Due to those factors, the park was very crowded and if you know what the parking lot is like, there were only 4 double rows left at mid-afternoon. This is my first trip ever to Michigan's Adventure (mia)

I arrived sometime around 4PM and headed directly to the season pass office. (I already had Six Flags, not Cedar Fair) While there, I met someone who works at mia and is a good friend of Jeff, but hasn't been on the forums recently. She encouraged me to write a trip report, so here goes.

I decided to ride zach's zoomer as a warm-up ride. It was a 4 1/2 hr drive and I wasn't ready for anything big yet. A nice Jr coaster, nothing special. 5/10

Next was the Carousel. I was disapointed the musical instruments are hidden in the middle rather than on display. It does play a nice tune. Also, the person in front of me on the benches was told to put away her camera. Has picture taking become that hazardous? Finally, it felt strange exiting what I think would be the queue line, while the line starts at the door and goes onto the midway. Any reason they do this?

After that short ride, I decided to find out how crowded the waterpark really was, and if it would be worth it to go back to the car and get my swimsuit and towel. It was too crowded for me, so I kept walking just to get a feel for the park.

Picked up the train by Grand Rapids, and didn't realize there were two stations until we got there. Got off and in line for Wolverine Wildcat. 4 train wait, rode 2,1 Right. Most of you know by now that I am not a big fan of wood coasters, but this coaster surprised me by its decent size and it was smoother than I expected. 8/10

Took a short break to re-apply sunscreen and move the car to a closer spot. Then went to eat supper. I went to The Dog House to get the season pass hot dog basket special. You buy the basket and get the drink free. But the problem was there was only one worker there, and she wasn't allowed to cook. So back to guest services to find out where the other season pass deal was. Hamburger basket at the wildcat grill.

Next I picked up a quick (not quite) drink of water. I was very surprised the food stand had run out of ice. Also did a very quick ride, 4 rotations, on tilt-a-whirl. Then I went to ride Loggers Run. This was only a mistake because it broke down while I was on it. They said minor mechanical problem, the guy was fixing something at the bottom of the drop. 15 minutes later, I finally get down the drop. Credit to the ride crew minus 2 boats for keeping the line moving quickly.

Next I went to ride Corkscrew. 5 train wait, seat 3,1 Right. I didn't think this one was worth even that short of a wait. It's just a corkscrew, and also the parks only upside down ride. 6/10

Went back to ride the train, full circuit this time. During boarding a boy attempted to ride with a towel instead of a shirt. He was with his family and they were from a foreign country. They were not happy at all when told he could not ride without a shirt and said he had ridden a roller coaster wearing the towel. The ride op handled the situation very well, despite being called something (probably bad) in their foreign language.

Finally, what you have been waiting for. Does anyone know how many seconds of airtime you get on this thing?!! Shivering Timbers blew me away with a just past sunset ride, third to last of the day, seat 3,1 Left. 4 train wait. The smoothest wood coaster I have ever ridden, with the most airtime I have ever experienced. The only slightly rough part was the double helix, but even that was nice. 10/10 and into my top ten!

Other thoughts overall. I met some very nice people while waiting in line and rode with them (did this trip alone), but only one person I talked to had actually been to the park before. They must be doing a good job in the PR dept. Definitely a family park with something for everyone. I do suggest more bathrooms in the park, IE near Grand Rapids, the Carousel, and one closer to wildcat and timbers exits.

A very nice visit, despite being short. Do's for next time, Mad Mouse, Big Dipper? (can adults ride this?), falling star, thunderbolt, and the waterpark/water rides. Thanks for making it to the end, please let me know if you have suggestions for my future trip reports.

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I have also been at MA when the lot was full. I can only imagine that the water park must have been a nightmare. I went last year, and they didn't have any free tubes left for the slides, or the lazy river, yet they had huge piles of rental tubes laying around.

The Funnel of fear was a 2 hour wait, and most of the good water slides had 30 minute to an hour wait to ride. So, I can imagine it must have been pretty bad when you visited. I also planned on going on Saturday, but, having experienced that nightmare before..I'll go during the week.

I was also wondering what your opinion was of Grand Rapids? Did you check it out at all? I have heard that people say it's a very nice soaking wet ride. I'm also curious if you checked out the new Coasters Cafe? Was it open?

I will be going to the park sometime in August. I haven't been there on a Sunday yet...So, maybe I will try that, and see what the lines are like.

The park is getting better. If you had been there before Cedar Fair took over, you notice the difference. It has changed a million times over.

Oh, The Dog House!...Our kids love hot dogs, so we went there for lunch our second day we went, and it was an experience. Terrible service.

They wouldn't give us that Hot Dog basket deal, they told us that it had to be a MiA season pass.

By the way, adults can ride Big Dipper, but hilariously enough, it was the roughest coaster in the park. Gave my son a cut above his right eye, but you hink that stopped a future enthusiast? Heck, no! Off to Zach's Zoomer he went, (even though he couldn't ride it).

While slightly disagree on ST, we felt the same about Wilcat & Zoomer, two really good coasters. Unless you've never rode a mouse before, all MM is worth is a credit.

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I looked breifly at GR and it looks like a nice ride. I just wasn't "dressed" for it, and there was quite a line. Just not worth waiting that long for any non coaster ride.

Coasters Cafe was open, but I wasn't looking for sit down food, it costs too much.

Floorless Fan, You didn't miss anything by not riding corkscrew, I actually thought it was a waste of time. Try ST again, maybe later in the day when it has warmed up, Both the coaster and air, it was around 90 degrees most of the day!

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The young lady you met was Kara. She grew up with MiA in her back yard.

The waterpark is MiA's biggest draw besides Timbers. Even on a cooler day on a weekend, Funnel of Fear and the slides had long waits, I can only imagine the waterpark on Saturday with the high temps!!

Floorless, the basket deals ARE for MiA season pass holders. I assumed from coasterb's TR, he purchased an MiA pass and therefore was entitled to the deal.

Although I've not eaten at the Dog House yet (we've mostly eaten at the burger place or the Family Grill. Frankly, the all you can eat at the Family Grill or the baskets at Coasters aren't that much more expensive IMO. It does sound like the Dog House could use some attention to service, though.

I've not made a trip yet this year, but I'm hoping to during my vacation in late August.

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