first-timer's visit to PGA -- 6/11/06

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Well, we pulled it off! Thanks to those for their help with their California infomation. I already posted my SFMM TR, which was long. The rest will be the usual style--random points/observations. I'll do PGA first.

--The park is very nice-looking and fairly well taken care of and landscaped. I was impressed.

--The crowds were small, at least for a Sunday in June.

--None of the coasters are exceptional, though I think I like Top Gun the best.

--Demon seems to have more theming than the one at SFGAm.

--Grizzly is lame and does little of interest. It and the area under it look nice, though.

--The Crazy Mouse isn't as intense as a normal wild mouse. The cars are huge. Leave it to Arrow to bank turns on a wild mouse. It wasn't run the most efficiently.

--It was nice to ride a skyride in a park again.

--The waterpark and area near it look nice. You can still see some footings from Stealth.

--Survivor: The Ride is fun and well done in terms of theming for that type of ride.

--The entrance plaza (inside the gate) looks nicer than SFGAm's; on the other hand, SFGAm's looks better outside the gate.

--All coasters that could were running 2 trains, as far as I know.

--This park seems to be in a strange location, what with all the office buildings nearby. You can't spot it from the freeway nearly as easily as SFGAm.

--Top Gun has some cool theming.

--I'm just really impressed at how nice the park looks; I know I've said that already, but it just looks so well maintained, especially compared to SFMW and SFMM.

--Why did they close off their giant screen theater? SFGAm still uses theirs, as far as I know.

--PGA seems to be a nice medium-sized park that is pretty well-maintained and offers a family a good day of fun. It is definitely lacking in the coaster department, and what they have there we knocked out before 2:30PM (excluding Taxi Jam). No giant complaints about the park from me. They were doing a decent job at what they do.

As a side note, I did notice in CA that they have restaurants called "Carl's Jr.". It looks like a Hardees to me. Can somebody confirm this for me and also tell me why the different naming?

Hardee's and Carl's Jr are the same! According to Wikipedia, Carl's Jr's parent company acquired Hardee's in '97.

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