First Time to Six Flags Great America

Just went to Chicago for the first time and went to the park on 9/12. The weather was perfect and the park was very crowded. I was afraid of this seeing how it's only open on the weekends now and due to the water park being closed. Some of the lines were annoyingly long but I still managed to ride everything I wanted to. I was impressed at how nice the park was, it was very clean and well landscaped. There were several advertisements touting "cleanest amusement park in the country". I don't know where the title came from and doubt it is true, but It was very nice for a Six Flags park. Got to the park early and was able to get in ahead of the crowds. On to the coasters.....

Superman Ultimate Flight: Decided to hop on this first before the que got long. Only waited about 10 minutes and got on the second row. This was my first B&M flyer and it was about what I expected. I didn't find the restraints uncomfortable, a little awkward at first but they were fine once we got moving. It was suprisingly a little unnerving going up the lift and looking down at the ground with your full weight on the restraints. The pretzle loop was awesome, a very unique and disorienting feeling. The rest of the ride was fun with some neat moments close to the supports but overall it wasn't that thrilling. I think these rides are most effective when either very close to the ground or very high up. A flyer built in trenches and tunnels with many near misses would be great. I'd also like to ride Tatsu at SFMM due to its height and location. The pretzle loop is a great element though. Rode once more close to dusk in the second to last car and the loop was much more intense and seem faster overall.

The Dark Knight: Heard this was nothing to write hope about but the line was short and the girlfriend wanted to ride. Glad it was because other than a few fun drops with head choppers it wasn't enjoyable.

V2: Long wait for the front but it was worth it. This was my first impulse coaster and the spiral spike along with staring down at the water on the back spike make this a fun ride. The front provides a good sense of speed as well.

Batman: Waited about twenty minutes and rode this in the back row when it started getting dark and it was the best ride I've ever had on a Batman. I was suprised since this is the original but it seemed faster, smoother and more intense than the two other ones I've ridden. I don't know if it has just been well maintained or if it was the landscaping and proximity to the ground but I was really surprised and wanted to ride again in the front but the line was long.

Whizzer: About a 15 minuted wait and I really enjoyed this unique coaster. Much faster than I expected and the zooming through the trees and over the water was thrilling. This is really a great and rare ride, I hope they don't decided to replace it any time soon.

Viper: Rode in the back, great layout with some good airtime and head choppers. Liked how the track travels within the ride in many places, it really increases the sense of speed, Great woodie with a smaller footprint.

Demon: This one was a dissapoint due to the longer wait and short ride length. I didn't have high hopes due to it being an old Arrow looper but had heard from others that it was a fun ride. I rode near the back and it was pretty rough and uncomfortable. The rocks, tunnel and funny them song were the only saving graces.

Iron Wolf: Heard bad things about this one due to it roughness but I had to ride the first B&M. It was also my first stand-up. Short line for the front, not the most comfortable restraints but not unbearable. I was actually suprised at how much I enjoyed it. Pretty intense layout and I only head-banged once. Granted I was riding defensely but it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. My girlfriend didn't like it at all but she is also on the short side. I don't know if standing up ads anything to the experience but it was a different persepecitve.

American Eagle: Chose the red side and I was glad I did becuase they shut down the blue side once I made it into the station. Sat third row and had a great ride. Fast and lots of great airtime. The helix wasn't great but overall a really fun ride. Only wish they were running both sides for my ride.

Ranging Bull: Hour wait in the late morning. Rode in the back, and kept a little breathing room between me and the clam shell. Great air on the first hill and every other hill and drop. Not as good as Apollo (only other B&M hyper I've been on) but the twisted layout was fun. However, the trim on the second hill slows the train down wayyyy too much. I can only imagine how great the airtime would be without it. The train was really crawling over that hill. Decided to come back at the end of the night and got in line shortly before they closed the que. Line went by much faster and got in the second to last row. First drop was awesome in the dark but the trim was still biting hard on the second hill. When we got back to the second hill there was nobody waiting in our row so we got a double ride and the second to last of the night. It was a great way to end the day and the girlfriend thought it was the coolest thing ever. Everyone was cheering out of the station and we had another fun ride in the dark.

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Sounds like a great first time to a great park! Nice to see some love for Iron Wolf. Josh and I seem to be the only other ones that "get" it still. Selfishly, I'd rather have it coming to Great Adventure than Chang.

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I wouldn't mind Iron Wolf if it didn't batter me so much. I tried the front and the back, and even the front, my usual go-to row, didn't save me as much, and I'm quite tolerant of head-banging. Layout-wise, I thought it was fine, and I'm definitely a B&M stand-up fan, but it's at the bottom of the list, even below Carowinds' Vortex.

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Josh and I seem to be the only other ones that "get" it still.

I've oft proclaimed my like for Iron Wolf. Can't say I like it better than Chang, but I like it better than most B&M Standups.

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Oh I thought you hated it. It is still my favorite standup. I have such fond memories of it before it got "old" and even now, I escape most of the "banging" everyone else seems to experience on the ride.

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I'm the one who hates IW. Hates. Passionately. I'd rather ride the bench ride. Or sit on a spiky cactus.

OK, maybe not that last one. Will have to get back to you on that.

Viper and Whizzer in one park (along with V2) makes for a great park. A better out-n-back woodie (TGG) and they'd be all set, LOL.

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