First time to Cedar Point in 5 years, looking for suggestions.

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A friend and I are planning to go to Cedar Point on September 16 (last day of Mean Streak) and the 17th. This weekend (August 26-28) I'm going to an event at Conneaut Lake Park and Waldameer and the bright idea popped into my head of stopping at CP on the way back to Chicago on Monday.

If I purchase a 2017 Platinum Cedar Fair season pass, I can get into one CF park for free one time, and go additional times for $14.99 during 2016. So that free visit I could use this Monday, and next month I can get in for only $14.99 for each of the 2 days my friend and I will be at the park. Seems like a good deal...

I scoped out the CP website, and I think I have it all straight. Thought I would run it past you guys to make sure I'm getting the best deal, as I'm sure there are plenty of CP fans on here that know all the ins and outs/good deals, etc.

And what of the CP on-site lodging - know of any good deals this time of year? The last time I went to CP, I think we stayed at a Super 8 a few miles from the park that was cheap and surprisingly clean. Thanks for your input!

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